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You find yourself bored and want to find something from online social media that might entertain you. But as always the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp feeds, all these popular platforms are becoming less and less interesting, due to the irrelevant, time-consuming and repetitive content that you no longer find exciting.

As a result, you might want to take a look at this awesome Zili mobile app instead, as the new video social media platform from India will surely bring you a new experience. Enjoy browsing fun and refreshing feeds with new videos and amazing stories every day. You will always find yourself entertained at Zili, no matter how you are feeling.

Find out more about this interesting social media app and all its interesting features with our in-depth Zili reviews.

What do you do, or what do you do?

Here at Zili, Android users will have the perfect social media platform to share their videos and stories. With its intuitive user interface, convenient navigation and accessible features, the app will surely be a great tool to introduce you to this amazing social media platform from Zili. Feel free to browse through it for the fun, relaxation, motivation and other powerful video content you want.

Enjoy interacting with millions of online users from all over the world, all of them enjoying this amazing video platform. Explore the interesting functions and features of the application, which will allow you to interact freely with social media channels. Follow all your favorite influencers in the app or choose to become one yourself. Enjoy watching, creating and following Zili’s latest video trends to always find yourself entertained browsing the social network.


For those of you who are interested in the mobile app, you can now get the free app on Google Play Store, which is always available for all Android users to download and enjoy without having to pay anything. Just set your social media platform and watch endless video playlists from all the famous Zili creators, which will surely keep you entertained.

And to ensure the stability and compatibility of the mobile application, you can upgrade your Android devices to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.4 and above. Also, do not forget to provide the application with all required access permissions, which are necessary to ensure its functionality and features.

And while you don’t need to register your account to watch the videos, Zili will require its users to have an account if they wish to engage with the content, or potentially become an influencer themselves.

Cool Features

Here are all the exciting features that the app offers:

An interactive and intuitive social application for all users

First of all, Zili’s Android users can quickly engage with the simple and accessible mobile app, thanks to the app’s intuitive user interface and touch controls. Here, you are free and can easily navigate through the mobile app to start exploring its features. And thanks to the interactive controls, it is very easy for Zili users to interact with the app and its content. Thus, it allows all Android users to quickly and comfortably enjoy the mobile application.

Lots and lots of interesting videos for you

Here at Zili, Android users will have access to a huge collection of online videos from millions of content creators, who are constantly showing off interesting and engaging videos that will keep you fully engaged in the experiences. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of relaxing, funny, interesting, empowering, insightful videos and all kinds of interesting content from social network. With the new, trendy and popular content always available for all Android users, you can have fun right away at Zili.

Interesting themes and topics for all of you

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy exploring interesting topics and topics on Zili, each offering a unique place of videos and content for specific preferences.

Enjoy playing with adorable videos of cats doing their usual cute actions, pranksters doing their cool stuff on others, tech lovers talking and interacting with the latest inventions and products, dancers doing their amazing dances to the latest songs, singers covering their cool voices and many more creative content.

Simply use the Discover menu to quickly identify interesting videos that fit your fields. Or use the powerful search option to instantly search for your favorite content using any keywords.

It will all be available for all Android users to discover and start enjoying it. And the multiple options will ensure that you can always enjoy great social media channels. Always be able to find what you want and start enjoying it whenever you want.

Feel free to interact with and follow your favorite creators

Get ready to get involved in the amazing Zili social media platform, where you can find many interesting content creators with creative and intriguing videos and stories. Simply tap on the screen to like any of your favorite videos on the feeds. Choose Add Comments to let creators know your ideas.

Feel free to interact with their videos and channels, become a fan and follow all their updates. Just click on the following buttons and you can follow all updates on any channels. In addition to that, you will also receive great updates and recommendations on related channels, which you will likely find equally interesting.

Enjoy sharing videos on other social media channels

For those who are interested, you can now enjoy sharing videos on social media channels, using Zili, the app allows users to freely share any videos on their WhatsApp and Facebook pages with just a simple click. This will introduce your social friends to this amazing social video platform and allow them to start enjoying it themselves. In addition, you can also save any of your favorite videos to the mobile device, so that you can re-watch them at any time without the need for the Internet.

Upload your content and become popular

Similar to TikTok, Zili’s Android users can now upload their own content and become influencers with the help of Zili. Enjoy exploring in-app features to capture and edit the perfect videos or stories before uploading them online. This will allow all Android users to start having more fun with the social network. And who knows, you may become famous much faster than you think.

Multiple tools and features to create awesome videos

For those of you who are interested in the ideas of becoming a social media influencer, you will now have access to a huge set of tools and features available on the platform that will help you to create the best video content on the fly. Have fun playing with the most powerful and trendy filters and effects, as they instantly turn your videos into amazing creative work.

Enjoy the modified version of the application on our website

For those of you who are interested in the wonderful Zili mobile application, you can now get the modified version of the application on our website, which offers more features and functions that you will definitely find exciting. You only need to download a file Download Zili Mod APK On our website, follow the instructions provided to properly install the application, and you can start enjoying its features to the fullest.

Now, all video watermarks in Zili will be disabled, so that you can share or download any videos without getting the sometimes annoying watermarks. Just keep in mind that this will only work on devices with Arm64-v8a.

Final judgments

Get ready to get engrossed in the exciting mobile application of Zili, where you will find a great social media platform for videos and stories. Enjoy exploring many interesting content segments from multiple fields and categories, which will surely satisfy your specific interests. Feel free to interact with the videos as you like. Enjoy saving or sharing your favorite videos as you wish. And always be able to create your own creative content and share it with others at Zili. All of that will surely make the social network a great platform for video and story sharing for all users.