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The funniest actor of all time is Kate McKinnon, the first openly gay woman and cast member of Saturday Night Live for the longest period. (Fun fact: Kate had been with the SNL for a decade when she announced her departure earlier in 2022.) Although there aren’t many details available about kate’s personal life, many people are curious about it: In interviews, Kate rarely discusses her personal life.

There have, however, been very brief hints about her relationship with her partner Jackie Abbott. They were first spotted together in 2016, and have only attended one award show ceremony.

Jackie (who uses the pronouns she/they) is a very talented actor, artist, and photographer. Come along with me since, by the time this story is over, you will essentially go into love with Kate and Jackie and wish that their quiet relationship lasts for a million years or more. That much we do realize is quite impressive.

Jackie has appeared in a few short films, including Miss Sugar Tit and The Contract in 2021, according to an IMDb page (a thesis film). A professional resume will also include examples of commercial and voiceover work.

Jackie studied improv and sketching at the Upright Citizens Brigade and has a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, according to a biography from the People’s Improv Theater (PIT). She also undertakes on a PIT Sketch House Team. Jackie mentions “four years of clowning” in her bio while she was a student at Tisch, so is that both random and awesome?

Jackie’s professional Instagram is only for photography, not personal information—womp, womp. This hilarious image shows the untagged couple’s feet, followed by a shot of two potential wedding rings.

Although it’s possible that Jackie simply disabled comments after someone inquired as to whether or not their wedding was taking place, it appears that she did so. Jackie identifies it as being for Somewhere Magazine in the hashtags underneath. I’m sure that the fans wished to see the two in love in real life.

Just as the video cuts over to Kate after Kate received her Emmy, you can see Jackie and Kate sharing a final hug (baww). Kate does express her love for Jack during the speech. The phrase “photographsbyjack” appears in Jackie’s contact information for photography, it should be noted.

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