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After entering the Big Brother house, one of the 16 houseguests is Hannah Chaddha, who is vying for a cash prize of $500,000.We inquired about her race.
The contestants will use their best strategies to win the 2021 game because of the beach theme this year. Hannah is one of the contestants this year.
There is no doubt that we will learn more about Hannah as the CBS competition gets underway.

Additionally, she might leave fans wondering where she comes from.
Reality Titbit looked at her entire life, from her ethnicity to where she grew up, and how she ended up on Big Brother.

Biography of Hannah Chaddha

Hannah is a graduate master’s student who is 21 years old.

She lives in Chicago and loves to dance, style, travel, watch Real Housewives, and dance.

The Big Brother 23 contestant once worked as a personal stylist and was 19 when she graduated from college.

She is also a talented hip-hop dancer who competes in competitions!

She said that going into the Older sibling’s house will be “harsh” for her.

It is believed that Hannah is of African-Asian descent. The BB23 contestant’s parents are Indian and South African.

She was born in India, specifically in Delhi, where her father’s family resides.

She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, and her nationality is thought to be Indian-American.

Hannah’s journey to Big Brother

Growing up, Hannah always enjoyed school, particularly science and math. She has since achieved a number of educational milestones!

In May 2020, she received her degree from the University of Illinois with Summa Cum Laude Latin Honors.

The contestant was also awarded the same university’s Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Initiative for 2019–2020.

At the University of Illinois, Hannah also received two additional academic awards. When it comes to BB’s mental tricks, her fans believe she will be an expert!

As a member of the Aces team, Hannah encountered two potential showmanship early on. She was not interested in Brent Champagne starting a showmance with her because she led the house-wide effort to evict him. In the meantime, she was showing some interest in her teammate Derek Xiao. Their personal bond became important because they were the only two Aces left.

She was able to survive due to a convincing pitch to Christian that she should be a pawn and the protection of the majority Cookout alliance, despite the fact that she appeared to have found a low-key location in the game. Sarah Beth Steagall, on the other hand, encouraged Christian Birkenberger to target her as a stealthy threat in his HoH. She had apparently found a low-key location in the game.

Following the events of Week 4, Hannah was only loyal to the Cookout alliance; consequently, it was only natural for her allies outside of the majority alliance to be backstabbed. Most notably, she persuaded Derek X. not to play “Chopping Block Roulette” for his safety despite knowing that a backdoor strategy was in place for him.

However, she continued to approach the game analytically even as allies left her side. Hannah thought she was safe with the final deal she made with Tiffany Mitchell and Kyland Young after the Cookout made history and reached the final six.

They were nominated, but Kyland’s HoH surprised them by revealing that he preferred working with Xavier Prather. Even though Hannah was able to get through that eviction, she was in trouble once more when Azah Awasum won a surprise second double eviction—the first time it happened twice in the history of the show—and told Hannah that she would be used as a pawn next to Xavier.

In the end, this was not the case, and Hannah was disqualified by a vote of 2-0, finishing fifth and becoming the seventh Jury member.

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