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Rings of Power (2022): The Rings of Power showrunner Patrick McKay clarified the connection between the Stranger and Sauron that was briefly stated in the season 1 finale. The opening minutes of The Rings of Power episode 8 get the white-robed Ascetic, Dweller, and Nomad kneeling to a confused Stranger, claiming that he is the Dark Lord Sauron.

While his spiritual powers indicate he’s a unique figure in Middle earth, the sympathy he expresses toward Nori and the Harfoots seems a far call from something Sauron would placate to, even on instinct. Contempt this, the three Mystics attempt to jog his memory so he may chief them and other dark beings to retake Middle earth.

When Nori and other Harfoots go on a saving mission to find the Stranger, it soon becomes clear the Mystics are mistaken. Upon comprehending he isn’t Sauron, the Mystics mention to the Stranger as “Ishtar,” and “the other.” The word Ishtar means “wizard,” a word often related to the five wizards of Middle earth.

After beating the three white-robed figures, the Stranger and Nori set off on a journey to Rhûn to learn more about the star cluster the Stranger retains envisioned. If the Mystics are to be believed, this journey may have an unseen assembly to Sauron.

Rings of Power (2022)
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In an interview with Deadline’s Rings of Power (2022) from Prime Video, The Rings of Power showrunner Patrick McKay debated how the Stranger and Sauron are connected. McKay is implicit in how the Mystics’ mistake and their last words to the Stranger indicate he and Sauron have a mysterious relationship with each other. Check out what McKay said below:

The Stranger’s Journey in the Rings of Power (2022) Season 2?

Amazon’s McKay’s comments about the Stranger’s purpose coupled with the continued secrecy of his true identity leave boundless possibilities for how his story will continue in season 2. The Stranger and Nori are roving to Rhûn, a location seldom traveled in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth works. Known as a land of night, Rhûn is home to the Easterlings, a race of mankind whose king, Khamûl, is given a Rings of Power (2022) by Sauron.

Khamûl is soon corrupted by the One Ring, attractive a servant of Sauron. The Easterlings pledge their allegiance to Sauron by the Third Age, as they’d done to the Dark Lord’s master, Morgoth, throughout the First Age.

It’s no surprise that, given his future journey to a place of evil like Rhûn, the Stranger is linked to Sauron. Episode 8’s reveal that Halbrand is Sauron could be a vision of the Stranger running into the Dark Lord’s more reliable form.

Their tethered destinies could give the Stranger the foresight essential to realize when he’s encountered Sauron unless Sauron can fake the Ishtar as he did Galadriel. If the two do happenstance one another during The Rings of Power (2022) season 2, viewers may get extra answers as to how their fates are entangled.

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