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Carmen Consuela Lopez is George and Angie Lopez’s first and only child. She is the secondary deuteragonist and is currently 34 years old.

Birth Name Carmen Consuela Lopez
Born August 6, 1988
Gender Female
  • George Lopez (father)
  • Angie Lopez (mother)
  • Max Lopez (brother)
  • Manny Lopez (grandfather)
  • Victor Palmero (grandfather)
  • Benny Lopez (grandmother)
  • Emilia Palmero (grandmother)
Boyfriend (s): Jason McNamara
Zack Powers (only briefly)
  • Despite the fact that she is kindhearted and a good child, Angie sometimes feels like she is being held in a “prison” by her parents, particularly George, and that they are controlling her when she doesn’t get her way.
  • Angie believes that she hasn’t yet reached her full potential, so she lets her do the majority of what she wants to do.
Appearances and Portrayal
Appeared on: “George Lopez (TV series)”
Episodes appeared in: 104 in series, Seasons 1-5
First Appeared in: “Prototype” (Series pilot)’
Last Appearance “George’s Mom Faces Hard Tambien” (Season 6)
Portrayed By Masiela Lusha


George Lopez and Angie Lopez gave birth to Carmen. She was a joy to have around the house, according to later accounts from both of her parents. Carmen was a student at a public school until she was transferred to Allendale Preparatory School after her ex-boyfriend spread lies about her having sex with him and labeled her the “whore” of the school.

Carmen was kicked out of Allendale after a year because she missed a lot of schools because she ran away from home and did a lot of things wrong at school.
After the expulsion, Angie decided to homeschool her for a while.

However, Carmen became dissatisfied with the homeschooling and the amount of time she spent with her, and she was sent to St. Theresa’s Catholic School, which was her only option.

She met Jason McNamara, played by Bryan Fisher, her future on-and-off boyfriend, while she was at St. Theresa’s. She dated him for many seasons 3 and 4. When her father found out that Carmen had been sneaking over to his house to help and support him while his parents were away, he granted Jason permission to move into her home.

Carmen begged and begged her father to let the two of them stay together under one roof, which her father was reluctant to do. In any case, he gave in and let him live in their house.

In season 5, Jason broke up with her because she was trying to get him to marry her and have a child when he was only 16 years old. Carmen was devastated to learn that Jason had fled from her.

Carmen moved to Vermont to pursue a career after receiving college acceptance. Carmen is known for her poetry, which can be sentimental and tender or violent and gothic.

Fans claim that Masiela left the show because she had “creative differences” with the real George Lopez, and one even claims that Masiela once called the comedian rude. However, there does not appear to be any evidence of any tension between the two behind the scenes on the internet.

In a 2013 interview with Sitcoms Online, Masiela remained silent regarding the circumstances surrounding the departure. She stated on the website, “I do not like to discuss specifics regarding my departure.

“In any case, I in all actuality do feel it was overall a positive thing. It was crucial. I watched every episode of the previous season, and I thought the producers, writers, and cast did a great job with how the show ended up evolving.

She also thinks it was a good time, stage right, for her character to leave. Carmen’s ultimate development was stepping outside of her comfort zone and entering a university campus, a family first! She stated, “I believe that being confined to a single environment limits one’s potential for growth. To continue her development, Carmen required that chance to enter a new world outside of the Lopez household.

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