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October 2022 has definitely been a busy month. Torchlight infinite and Undecember both launched on the same day leaving the game community confused as to what to play.

These games bring something new to the table and both are good additions to the MMORPG community.

Today, we are going to introduce you to one of the main features of Undecember which is the ability to change the appearance of your character through the Beauty option to give your character a personal touch as you go through the story.

How to customize your gear in Undecember

Image source: DibuckTV

To start customizing the look of your character, go to your menu and select the Beauty option. There are a number of tab categories and each category gives you the ability to create a custom look for your character.

Fashion tab

The first option for the tab in the Beauty customization menu is Outfit. Here, you can equip different outfits that you buy in the game to change your appearance.

Your gear will not be visible to players once you put on a costume. This is especially useful if you want to hide your gear improvements from other players.

Costumes can be equipped with clothes, helmets, and your primary and secondary weapons.


The next group of customization will be in dyes. Here, you can change the color of your equipped gear. Depending on the type of gear, you can change up to three color schemes for each gear.

Select the gear you want to customize on the right side of your screen and the available pane that you can customize will appear on your left.

Use the sliders to change the color of each part. When you’re done, hit the “Apply” button on the right to change the overall color of your gears.

You can freely customize the color of your clothes, helmet, gloves, shoes and clothes. Unfortunately, there is no option to change the color of your weapon.


If the color sliders are too overwhelming, you also have the option to choose one of the three preset colors for the corresponding gear.

To do this, simply click on the gear you want to customize and hit any of the three tint settings on the left side of the screen that are marked as preset.


The next tab for beauty customization is for appearance. This changes your face type, skin tone, and even your gender. This is one of the features we like the most as we can freely choose the type of appearance and gender.


The next customizable gear you can set up is your portal. Portals allow you to quickly move from one place to another. Having the option to change your appearance is a welcome addition because the classic blue portal has been the general color for games that use portals in their game.


Think of medals as titles you earn while creating in-game content. The medal you equip will appear in your character’s profile when someone tries to view it.

She will have a bee. Nice if these medals award some buffs when earned like Dragon Nest but as far as we know medals work as bragging rights and don’t have any other boosting effects.

That’s all gear customization for Undecember. Now you know what everyone is doing, log into your game and try out this feature. It may not give you any additional effects but having more character customization options can lead to a great gaming session.