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Vera, a new location, will be revealed in the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 upgrade. There are many enemies, new mobs and other things in this special area.

The main plot missions will continue in this way as well. Ruby will be the first of these new playable imitation games. Vera also has a brand new world boss that we’ll be pointing to.

Magma Boss location in Vera in the Tower of Imagination

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In the desert where the Fira district is located, the Fantasy Tower. Although some sites will harm you, exploring them is beneficial because you may find a gold core.

Additionally, keep an eye on the weather because quicksand and sandstorms may occur. In the new area, there are two new world leaders. Magma and Rudolph are two.

Magma World Boss website

Magma, one of the new world leaders, can be found in the Rock Pillar Gobby in Vera Plane. You can only quickly fly there if you unlock Spacerift: Billows Valley East or Spacerift: Magma Lair as fast travel points.

If you want to get to the boss quickly via Spacerift in the magma den, go north, and head west if you’re using Spacerift in Billows Valley East. To face the new boss, you must reach Magma Lair.

Magma is a huge creeper that can shoot. When players fight her, she can build sand walls to defend herself. You may get a Rare, Extremely Rare, or Extremely Rare Combat Engine if you succeed in removing it. The recently added element is a battle engine.