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Tower of Fantasy’s latest update brings a bunch of new content for players to explore. Not only that but a new Simulacra called Ruby has also been introduced.

In this guide, we are going to talk about how to play Ruby and what skills you have to offer.

How to play Ruby | Skill rotation guide in Fantasy Tower

Ruby is an SSR Simulacra game that has been in the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy for a long time now. She uses Sparky’s plane as a weapon to inflict flame damage on enemies. Needless to say, Ruby is a DPS character that expands the selection of DPS characters in the game.

In order to effectively deal a lot of flame damage, you have to learn the rotation of Ruby skills. The rotation of Ruby’s skills is actually quite simple. Her skill, Sparky Crash, makes her weapon shoot a forward spark that will bounce between you and your target.

However, before activating this skill, you’ll want to form groups of thermal energy first. Every time you perform a basic attack, you will get one stack of heat energy every 0.9 seconds. While this won’t offer any benefits on its own, it will give you a 25% increase in your Flame ATK attack once it hits 8 stacks.

Once you reach the maximum 8 stacks, you will get the Ultimate Heat Energy which grants this effect. And when that happens, you can then activate the Sparky Crash skill to deal a huge amount of damage.

The best arrays to use in Ruby

Without a doubt, the best array for Ruby is the ruby ​​set of 4 which increases flame damage. Specifically, this matrix set allows a Ruby to gain mastery which increases flame damage after successful basic attacks.

The two-piece version is also a good choice because it increases the attack of the ruby ​​flame after performing the weapon skill.

If you want to build cash, the best choice would be the two-piece Crow and Shiro two-piece set to increase the smashing damage as well. However, if you don’t have any SSR array yet, you can just go for Sobek’s 3-piece set. This will help Ruby to get rid of mobs faster and easier.