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There are many new areas that have been added to Tower of Fantasy after its latest update. One such area is Mirroria which is a huge area with many cyberpunk elements.

In this guide, we will talk about how to get to this area.

How to get to Miroria in Imagination Tower

Credits: ZaFrostPet

In order to get to Mirroria, you have to go through and complete Vera’s mission. After accepting the mission, you want to visit Hykros which you can find in the Astra Omnium Tower. Simply teleport to the Astra Omnium Tower path point.

Once you get there, interact with the material transporter to take you inside the Hykros.

Simply follow the task tag at this point. Talk to Claire who was next to Elric in order to start a conversation. After the conversation, they will then ask you to head to the Vera sector. All you have to do is walk to the device at the front and click OK to visit the area.

Credits: ZaFrostPet

Now, this is where the main task of the Vera segment begins. We won’t go into too much detail to avoid spoiling anything. What you have to do is complete this mission until you reach the point where your goal is to board the plane that will take you to Miroria.

Go to the platform to start a movie scene. After the scene, you will be taken inside the Mirroria. Simply speak to Cowell afterward to complete the task.