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Published on October 30th, 2022

The Horror Genre is enjoyed more by manga readers, compared to anime watchers. The manga media gives the reader more freedom in imagining the scenarios more appropriately, which makes the piece of work more compelling and interesting. As Halloween is about to arrive, you will surely be in the mood to read some good horror manga series that will match the vibes of Halloween.

manga to read on halloween horror

If you have been in the manga industry, the first thing that arrives in your mind when you hear the word “horror” would be “Junji Ito’s work”, so, you will find some manga series related to him here. In addition, we have also gathered some other raunchy, disturbing, and gory manga series that will not disappoint you. So, just sit back and dive into the world of horror!

Here are our top 12 horror manga recommendations for you that you should read this Halloween.

(Note: Here are some things you should keep in mind before reading any of these recommendations:

  • This is not a “Top Horror Manga Series”. It is just a collection of good works that you will enjoy in the mood of Halloween.
  • Almost all of the series in this list are of the Seinen genre (as most horror series are), so you should expect some 18+ panels in them.

12. Ibitsu

Ibitsu manga horror little sister teddy bear
Author Name Ryou Haruto
Number of Chapters and Status 15 (Completed)
Genre Horror, Tragedy
Personal Rating 8.00

“Ibitsu” depicts its story with a wacky art style which almost seems perfect for this manga. It has only a few chapters but it still gives you the chills the more you think about it. It is simple and has a very straightforward plotline which is best for a quick read. It is also serialized in English, so, you can keep it on your shelf and freshen your memories of this even after Halloween!

Synopsis: Kazuki is a high school boy who lives alone in an apartment. One day when he is taking out the trash, he sees a girl with pale skin wearing a Lolita costume near the trash. He ignores her unintentionally but when he is passing by her, she asks “Would you like a little sister?” and he says yes, despite already having a little sister.

After that, every night Kazuki feels like her little sister is visiting him but when he asks her, she says no. Kazuki soon realizes that the Lolita girl is stalking him and even trying to enter his house daily. Will Kazuki regret the affirmation that he made to this Lolita girl about having a little sister and endangering the life of her real little sister?

11. Kiriko

Kiriko horror manga revenge ghost
Author Name Honda Shingo
Number of Chapters and Status 13 (Completed)
Genre Horror, Supernatural, Tragedy
Personal Rating 8.50

Done by one of the best horror manga artists of this generation, “Honda Shingo”, Kiriko is a tragedy-centred horror manga that is a definite must for Halloween. It has a very discrete art style that focuses on every detail of the human body.

And the character design of the villain Kiriko and her ghost is nightmare stuff, which is expected from this author. Unfortunately, this manga is not serialized in English yet, but, you can read it online and still enjoy it!

Synopsis: A group of high school friends plans a reunion after so many years to remember their dead high school friend “Kiriko”, when they receive a letter from K, which they all think is Katao, one of these friends. When they all get together in the school, they realize that Katao is not the person who invited them all to this reunion.

Things start to get strange when one of these friends is killed brutally in the washroom by a monstrous ghost. Soon, they realize that this ghost is Kiriko, who is out for revenge after all these years and she has trapped all of them in the school. But why is her ghost trying to kill all of her friends who were good to her? Are we missing some kind of flashback about the relation of Kiriko to all of these people during high school?

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10. Pumpkin Night

Pumpkin Night horror manga murderer
Author Name Hokazono Masaya
Number of Chapters and Status 81 (Ongoing)
Genre Horror, Action, Tragedy
Personal Rating 8.20

“Pumpkin Night” is something that perfectly fits the Halloween ambience. It is a slasher-genre manga which means “killing stalking using sharp objects”. Its plot is not something complex and deep but the horror aspect of it is what takes the money.

Normally, you can guess what the next move of a stalker is in slasher–genre media, but in Pumpkin Night, you will see how gruesome and heartless stalkers can be. Unfortunately, this one also hasn’t been serialized in English yet.

Synopsis: Naoko is an intelligent and diligent high school girl who loves to celebrate Halloween and is kind to everyone. But she is also bullied by many people in his class. Due to this bullying, she becomes mentally ill and is admitted to a mental hospital.

She reaches her wit’s end there and escapes the hospital by killing every staff member. Now, she has only one aim: to kill every person who bullied her during high school and she does this by disguising herself by wearing a Halloween Pumpkin mask. Will someone be saved by the claws of this maniac girl?

9. August 9: I Will Be Eaten By You

August 9: I Will be Eaten by You manga horror
Author Name tomomi
Number of Chapters and Status 23 (Ongoing)
Genre Horror, Drama, Romance, Supernatural
Personal Rating 8.40

It is either a hit or miss when an artist other than Ito Junji tries to draw body horror, but it was a hit for “August 9: I Will Be Eaten by You”. It has a very engaging plot despite being a horror manga.

The main attraction of this manga is the yandere female protagonist of the series who is head-over-heal for the main character. It is a relatively new manga, and for now, so, it is only being serialized in Japanese, but you can read it online in English.

Synopsis: Sakurai is a teenage boy who is being followed by ghosts all his life since his childhood. One day, his friend Ueda attacks him by transforming him into a monster, but, he is saved by his other classmate, Miyako. After this scenario, Sakurai comes to know that all ghosts are stalking him while being in the form of beautiful girls because all of them love him.

Even the girl, who saved him, Miyako, is also a ghost. These ghosts are termed as the urban legends of Japan, and he has to escape them, or else he will get killed. Will these ghosts ever leave the side of Sakurai?

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8. Hakaijuu

Hakaijuu manga horror thriller monsters gore
Author Name Honda Shingo
Number of Chapters and Status 82 (Completed)
Genre Horror, Mystery, Gore,
Personal Rating 8.10

“Hakaijuu” might be the most popular work of Honda Shingo worldwide. With the story already thrilling, it has one of the best monster designs. A different monster arrives after every few episodes and it looks horrifying and detailed.

Sometimes, it feels surreal that this manga was even drawn with such designs. Although the story gets a little boring in the middle, don’t miss it on Halloweens as it is only serialized in English online!

Synopsis: “Hakaijuu,” tells us the story of two best friends Akira and Eiji who are betting on a basketball game to decide who will confess to their crush Miku first. But unfortunately, before the game, an earthquake arrives. When Akira and Miku wake up after the disaster, they see that the whole world is now divided into two parts and the part that they are on has vile monsters who have massacred almost half of the population.

And to add to the trouble, Eiji is also missing. Will these survivor high school students be able to find their friend Eiji and resolve this unknown mystery that is taking place around them?

7. Jagaaaaaan

Jagaaaaaan manga thriller horror monsters
Author Name Kaneshiro Muneyuki
Number of Episodes and Status 163 (Completed)
Genre Horror, Mystery, Supernatural
Personal Rating 8.50

Following the same plotline as the popular manga series “Parasyte”, “Jagaaaaaan” is a more mystery-centred manga that has more refined artwork that is eye-catching. Written by the same author of “Blue Lock”, whose anime adaptation is airing this Fall Season, this manga does not disappoint in any way.

Be its art style, plot twists, or anything, this manga delivers it. The only thing bad about this is that it is not serialized in English, but you can read the whole manga online.

Synopsis: Shintarou is a teenage boy who is bored with his everyday life. One day, his boring life comes to an end when he witnesses a murder that is committed by a person with a monster face. When he is about to be murdered, he helplessly aims his fingers at the monster person and shoots like a person. Surprisingly, the monster guy dies as a projectile emerged from his fingertips and killed it.

He later learns from an owl that he is infected by Mad Xenopus, a frog-like parasite that controls the body according to its desire, just like the monster person. Gaining this new power, Shintarou decides to eradicate all of these monster people. Will he be successful or will he fall prey to this immense power?

6. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss horror manga psychological
Author Name Tsukushi Akihito
Number of Chapter and Status 63 (Ongoing)
Genre Psychological, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Personal Rating 9.50

“Made in Abyss” is a manga that is processed in such a way that at this point, it is not recommended for children. Although most of the cast includes children, it is not a fun adventure series. It might not be a strict horror manga, but, the scenarios and situations the little children face are certainly horrifying and dark.

The anime adaptation of this manga was also satisfying to watch. So, if you are planning a dark Halloween, this is for you! It is currently also being serialized in English.

Synopsis: Riko, a twelve-year-old girl, is a rookie diver of the Abyss who ventures into the upper layers of the Abyss in search of new things. She has one aim: to follow her mother “Lyza (The Annihilator),” a veteran diver in the depths of the Abyss. But she is not allowed to dive into Abyss as she is just a little girl. One day, she encounters a mysterious boy, the same age as her, who came out of the Abyss, and after examining him, she declares that he is not human and names him “Reg.”

Reg has no idea about his origins, so both secretly enter the Abyss’s depths in high hopes. But soon, they witness the horrors of the Abyss and realize they might even lose their humanity in this bottomless Abyss just out of curiosity.

5. Mieruko-chan

Mieruko-chan manga comedy horror
Author Name Izumi Tomoki
Number of Chapters and Status 46 (Ongoing)
Genre Horror, Comedy, Supernatural
Personal Rating 9.00

“Mieruko-chan” is simply what you expect from a horror manga. Ghosts that are always present around you and all that creepy stuff. But the stupid yet interesting thing about it is that the protagonist tries to ignore them.

This makes you want to see how long the protagonist can keep up this act, making it so popular. Also, it has some horrid ghost designs. The anime adaptation of this series was not accepted well. Fortunately, this is also being serialized in English, so, it will be a good addition to your collection.

Synopsis: Miko is a teenage girl who can see ghosts that are present everywhere she goes. The only thing is that she is too scared to admit it as she thinks the ghosts might notice her and attack her. So, whenever she notices a ghost near her, she ignores it with all her might.

Sometimes the ghosts take it too far as they get suspicious of her. Her escape from all these vile creatures is her friend Hana, who invites her to outings and she stays distracted this way. But how long can Miku act ignorant of these ghosts?

4. Tomie

Tomie horror manga body-horror ghost
Author Name Junji Ito
Number of Chapters and Status 20 (Completed)
Genre Horror, Shoujo, Drama, Supernatural
Personal Rating 9.50

Finally! The King of Horror makes his entry with “Tomie”, his first official manga series from the late 1980s. This manga almost seems ever-green as to how Ito Junji was able to depict his horror imagination so early in his career.

The vibe, the raunchy art style, the imagination, there was a reason he was declared the King of horror so early in his career. This manga is available as a “Perfect Edition” in physical form, which is a must for you if you love horror!

Synopsis: “Tomie” is the story of a beautiful high school girl named Tomie who is admired by every person and boys wish they could date her. One day, the news comes out that she died and small pieces of her body were scattered around. The next day, Tomie appears at school and everybody is shocked. She targets the teacher and tells him to admire her.

Annoyed by her behavior, her classmates kill her again and scatter her dead body pieces all around town, just like before. But there is no use escaping from her as she returns in every chapter as a beautiful female who likes to make boys her servants and live a luxurious life. will someone be able to end this endless curse of Tomie?

3. Gantz

Gantz horror body-horror manga
Author Name Oku Hiroya
Number of Chapters and Status 383 (Completed)
Genre Horror, Action, Drama, Ecchi
Personal Rating 9.50

“Gantz” is the perfect action-horror manga that every manga fan can enjoy. What makes it special though is the art style of the whole manga. How the author shifts from making them from simple humanoid creatures to a vile, gigantic monsters is truly praise-worthy.

The body horror of some of its panels resembles the artwork of Ito Junji, which is a good thing. Currently, only Omnibus (collective volumes in a single book) edition volumes of it are available easily in English serialization as singular volumes stopped printing.

Synopsis: “Gantz” follows the story of Kei and Masaru who are both killed when they are pushed in front of a train. After dying, they are summoned inside a room limb by limb where many people suffered the same fate as both of them.

The purpose of summoning all of these people here is to play a game that involves eradicating aliens from the surroundings and surviving to witness the next day. But every time these people go out to fight, gory killing takes place, which also involves the people. Will Kei and Masaru be able to stand this daily torture and survive, despite being dead already?

2. Jinmen

Jinmen horror manga gore animals-with-human-faces
Author Name Katou Takahiro
Number of Chapters and Status 41 (Ongoing)
Genre Horror, Action, Drama, Shounen
Personal Rating 9.00

The most underrated horror manga of all time, “Jinmen” is something most of the world is still sleeping on. The horror in this manga is so disturbing and raunchy that you might even want to stop reading it in the middle to take a breath.

Additionally, the volume covers of each volume of this manga are eye-catching and appealing. Sadly, there hasn’t been any announcement of its English serialization yet, but, we are hopeful that it will get what it deserves!

Synopsis: Masato was fond of an elephant in the zoo when he was little. Unfortunately, he had to transfer to some other place and leave the elephant’s zoo too. After a lot of years, he returns to the zoo to see his favorite elephant again. But something feels off about the zoo as people are now allowed to enter the caged animals. When he reaches his favorite elephant in the zoo, he senses strange in it.

Upon closer examination, the elephant has a human face and immediately breaks the cage when Masato comes near it. All the animals have human faces now and they prey upon humans. Will these animals change the natural food cycle and make humans the prey now?

1. Uzumaki

Uzumaki horror manga spirals suicide
Author Name Junji Ito
Number of Chapters and Status 20 (Completed)
Genre Horror, Drama, Supernatural
Personal Rating 9.50

When they say “Old is Gold”, they mean it! “Uzumaki” is what will give you spooky vibes on Halloween. The strange thing about this one is that as you are reading it, you develop a horror aura around you as if you are living inside the manga itself.

There isn’t much to say about it as you should just read it. Just like “Tomie”, this one also has a “Perfect Addition”, and we highly await the anime adaptation of this manga!

Synopsis: “Uzumaki,” tells us the story of a normal town girl Kirie who lives a basic and mundane life. One day, she witnesses her boyfriend’s father staring at the shell of a snail. She gets worried and tells her boyfriend Shuuichi who is already worried because of his father due to his strange behavior recently.

Shuuichi tells her that they should leave the town as strange things are happening here but she does not pay this talk much heed. After a few days, Shuuichi’s father dies and a myth is produced that whoever is obsessed with any spiral figure, either dies or disappears. Will Kirie be able to escape this mythic curse or will she fall prey to it?

What are your thoughts on the “Top 12 Best Horror Manga to read this Halloween”? Did we miss your favourite horror manga that you plan to read on Halloween? Let us know in the comment section down below. We here at Anime Senpai would love to hear from you.