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Toca blocks It is a basic building game that allows you to create and enjoy blocks. Toca Blocks is the perfect entertaining game for kids. This fun game challenges children’s imagination and creativity against the background of the cartoon, the character is funny and beautiful. Coming to Toca Blocks, children can not only play but also develop drawing and logical thinking skills when combining blocks to create a dream world.

Toca Blocks is an app where children can unleash their imagination by marrying, drawing, destroying and adding different blocks to create a different world every time. Kids can choose one character provided to create their own adventure. Go through doors and explore new environments, discover different blocks, some sticky, some flexible, all unique.

With Toca Blocks, the developers believe that games can stimulate children’s imaginations and help them learn more about the world. The company designs products from a children’s perspective to help them play, create and learn what they want. Toca Boca games have won numerous awards and been downloaded over 200 million times in 215 countries, giving kids a fun, safe and free experience.

general information

Application general settings such as Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant and Toca Life City. Allows children to DIY to create a wonderful world. In our view, Toca Blocks are easier to prepare than Toca Kitchen Sushi in terms of operating settings. It is more sensitive than Toca Life City in terms of content design.

The operation of the game is very simple. Players only need to choose the corresponding brick materials and place them in the scene to build a small piece of the scene. The most interesting thing is that it includes the setup for incorporating new materials. When building, the player can place two types of blocks in the same position to combine a new variety of block materials.

After kids use the bricks inside to create a fun map, they can also use the three small monsters with different abilities to explore the world. The image of the game has a texture of plasticine, which is a bright color. And the most impressive thing is that the game supports unlimited archives. The app is now free, with no in-app purchases. Players who like this type of friend may need to check it out now.

Toca Blocks 1 . screen

Why do Toca games endlessly attract children?

We can say that some children, especially the creative and not related to traditional games, are all attracted to video games and game consoles. Every child always asks to play with his smartphone or tablet in his spare time. We are not parents who are afraid of digital poisoning. But the contents of the mobile game have been polarizing in both positive and negative aspects in recent times.

So, we want to tell you about a series of apps that we highly recommend for kids of all ages. It seems silly. Therefore, we want to find out next specifically why children are attracted to these mobile games much more than other commercial and popular applications. We are talking about Toca Boca games.

Lots of kids enjoy spending a lot of time styling, cutting and drying the hair of strange characters. For example, the boy builds houses with special bricks, paints, scales and designs with several young friends. For the girls’ cook, Toca Boca toys come with contrasting ingredients and wild clientele. And children can play the race without racing in order to run and study the track. Finally, most kids always want to build crazy robots with salvaged items and beautiful designs.

Here comes the Toca Boca apps to help that always opens with a great song that you won’t easily forget. But what we think will amaze you the most is to read the philosophy and mission of the team of experts behind this app brand. Here’s what kids love, and have themselves understood as choosing these apps without knowing the study behind them.

We find it great that these games convey great fun through the explosion of colors and whimsical characters. It’s almost a hymn to diversity, one that everyone can have fun without worrying about performance. We also recommend these apps for kids who are having some difficulties in school. They encourage peaceful problem solving.

In particular, there is no gender race as there is no difference between male or female in Toca Boca games. There is no advertising trick either. The stated desire to be games created from a children’s perspective. Does this sound great to you?

How to play Toca Blocks

In Toca Blocks, the primary task is to build the world and enrich it with your adventure paths. The player can create detailed obstacles, complex paths or floating islands. Also, you will meet new characters and discover many of their unique abilities as you take them into your world.

Through the game, you can explore the properties of blocks by merging them to form something. Also, players must memorize their attributes, such as rebound and good stickiness. Sometimes you can turn into beds, diamonds, and many other surprises.

You must combine blocks to change their color and shape. The more you understand the blocks, the more useful and inspiring you will be in your creation. Save and share the amazing creations you bring into your world. Remember to use your camera to capture unique block codes and share them with friends so they can log into your world and explore it for themselves. Or log into your friends’ world and make it a part of you.

By enjoying this game, collect blocks to create new textures and different widgets, build more than 60 unique items, and create the world you want with no limits. Tick ​​this to take a picture of your products and share the block code with friends and family. Therefore, they can enter your world and explore. You will meet many heroes and discover their great power.

You can remove blocks with an eraser tip and use the pencil tool to create many blocks at once. Players can get more exclusive content in the Club Blocks channel within the app, such as watching videos, uploading photos, and hacking into new worlds. The gameplay is open-ended, without bad rules or restrictions using a kid-friendly interface. In particular, it does not contain third-party advertisements or any in-app purchase.

Toca Blocks 3 screen

Tips and tricks for Toca blocks

The basic idea of ​​Toca Blocks is to create your world through blocks. The game starts from a huge empty world that extends into outer space and provides four basic building blocks such as circular bricks, yellow bricks, red bricks and green grass.

Toca Blocks also allows players to create new block types by dragging one block to another. Each new block type has its own unique characteristics. For example, a black convolution will allow you to switch to another one. The bouncy blocks are just bouncy. And the sticky blocks will freeze all heroes who walk on them until they jump. If you step on it for a long time, a brittle rock will break. But it will return to its original shape after a few seconds.

You can also use many other block combinations to explore and build your world or try to put magical doors into your world. If your hero enters the portal, it will take him to a new world with different building blocks. Toca Blocks can switch between two modes of build mode and play mode. In design mode, you can use the huge ball in the bottom toolbar or drag the screen to browse the world by tapping on the empty space.

Besides adding a new block in your world, you can also delete it by double clicking. To move a block, simply click on it and drag it anywhere. If you drag a block on top of another block, it means that it is merging. If the block is true, a new block type may be unlocked. After opening the non-basic block types, you can get acquainted with them from the side toolbar.

When trying to add multiple tiles at once, consider using a drawing tool to complete the task. First, click on the block you want to use. Then click on the icon drawn and start drawing. Alternatively, you can use the black flying monster tool to clear the unnecessary blocks. It will eat the blocks you touch. This game is suitable for children over six years old.

Toca Blocks 2 screen

Toka Kitchen Sushi Restaurant

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant is a very fun and kid-friendly cooking simulation game. You will transform into a chef, join the kitchen together, and create the recipes and dishes you make. It is an educational game that stimulates your child’s creativity and seasons dishes and then serves them to your guests.

In Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant game, you can enjoy cooking with ingredients available in Toca kitchen. Try to cook the dishes and let the hungry characters get a taste of your work after it’s finished and see how they react. If you have played Talking Tom or some simulation game where the character can interact with the player, then Toca Kitchen Sushi is sure to be a new and interesting game for you.

In this cooking game, you can use any ingredients in the fridge like vegetables, fish and meat, and cook them in different dishes using the right cooking utensils like pots for cooking, frying, blending to get juice. You can choose from one ingredient and prepare it yourself. Stir, cook, fry, grill or mix. You can even make fish juice with shrimp mix and flavors like mustard and ketchup.

You can do anything with your components. Finally, let one of the three hungry friends have fun and watch their reaction to the food you are cooking. They may be excited or dizzy from the unpleasant taste of the food. Guests will eat your food and make comments with a sweet expression or shake their heads sarcastically because the dish is so bad. Toca Kitchen Sushi has 2D cartoon style graphics, which is very cute and kid friendly. Details in the game such as furniture, cooking utensils or ingredients are very diverse and somewhat similar to reality.

Besides, the effects when chopping the ingredients are very realistic. It is accompanied by the sounds of cooking in the kitchen, such as the boiling of water or the sounds of frying fish. Makes the game come alive. What are you waiting for without downloading this amazing Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant game right away?

Toca Life

Toca Life City is a children’s game that helps children explore tasks in everyday life. Download Toca Life City, you will equip your child with useful knowledge, and learn wonderful things while living in the big cities. Join Toca Life City, the game will provide you six beautiful and interesting places for players to explore including apartments, shopping malls, hair salons, food parks, theater and clothes factory.

You can go shopping at the mall, grab a snack at the food court, or invite friends over to your apartment. Characters can easily move between locations. Besides exploring life, players in Toca Life City can also test their skills with their treasure hunting skills. There are endless treasures all over town, and with Life Weekly, it’s easy to spot them. This feature is located in the upper right corner of the game’s launch screen, giving you a deeper understanding of the world of Toca Life City.

Another particularly interesting feature that Toca Life City offers to players is video recording of their gaming experience. You can create and record stories, then save the video to your camera roll before sharing it with your friends. Also see what your friends in Toca Life City are doing today with the videos they share.

last words

Toca Blocks MOD APK It is an ideal mobile app for young children to play as it stimulates creativity and logical thinking of children in the most natural way. The game combines six well-designed characters with different roles and abilities. We think Toca Blocks is the most suitable building game for kids ever.

The game has received positive feedback from many users, including parents and children. Therefore, the developer is constantly innovating to produce more attractive versions. Unlocks all gifts in the game for everyone. As a result, players do not need a code to receive items. We can find unlocked gifts on the post office shelf or conveyor belt.