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Getting a good adaptation of a beloved character from fiction is something every fan wants to see. But many times, it comes up lacking, or it’s something that was more of a “new vision” for what the character should be like and it divides fans. With Neil Gaiman, he waited many years to approve a series about his beloved masterpiece in The Sandman. The Netflix series debuted its first season a few months ago, and as we noted in our review, it was quite good. The ratings for the series were good as well, and fans waited eagerly alongside Gaiman for a renewal.

Well, the time has come! Because The Sandman Season 2 is happening, and Neil Gaiman himself welcomed the news on Twitter yesterday.

He also teased some of the stories that’ll happen in Season 2, and if they come to pass as he hopes, they’ll be truly marvelous. No doubt it’ll be at least next year when see Season 2, but we waited a long time for Season 1, and this wait will be shorter in contrast.

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