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It’s been over three years since Corbyn Johnson went missing. Initially, his family hoped Corbin would leave and return, but a year after his disappearance, a man found his body in the woods. , was not in the limelight.

However, after a song related to his death was released, some of Corbin’s relatives spoke out. /They found his bones, he was rotten/They cut off his ass/Jon acted like an idiot until they kicked his ass.

Corbyn was murdered and police have yet to find the culprit

The murder of an 18-year-old Jacksonville man has become the focus of his TikTok trend nationwide.

The phrase “Where’s Corbin?” is trending on popular social media apps.

Several of his TikTokers went viral dancing and mimicking the lyrics of a song detailing the murder of Corbyn Johnson.

“I think it’s just plain ignorance. I think it’s really ignorant,” said Johnson’s mother, Melissa Jackson.

Jackson reported that his son went missing in 2018. His body was found in a wooded area in 2019. His death was eventually termed a homicide.

This trend has led many to seek more information about its history

In recent weeks, Jackson has received dozens of condolence messages from strangers on social media.

She was surprised to learn that the hashtag “#Where’sCorbin” reached up to 3.9 million views on her TikTok.

The song used on TikTok was released last year. It’s a song called “Beatbox remix/Bibby Flow” by Jacksonville rapper Giulio Fulio. This video has over 10 million views on YouTube.

The lyrics read, “Corbin was kidnapped, they found his bones, he was rotting (Where’s Corbin?)”. Other murder victims are also mentioned in his songs.

Some people asked Jones about Johnson on his Instagram Live last week.

“Speaking of where Corbin is, I don’t know where Corbin is. That’s all I have to say,” Jones said.

Some of him have removed the video after TikToker found out the meaning behind the song.

“Most of the time it’s offensive to a lot of people.

But for the most part, it really touches a lot of people,” Jackson said.

Johnson is not missing. His mother knows exactly where he is.

“To answer your question where Corbin is, Corbin is here. He’s in my mind. If you’re looking for Corbin, you’ve got Corbin. he is here

Johnson’s parents said the teenager disappeared after a job interview. Johnson’s father said he dropped his son off for an interview at UPS. Another man dropped the teenager off at his mother’s Northside home later that night, police said.

Johnson’s mother told police that that night was the last time she saw her son and that she had no idea who he was with when she got home.

Jackson is still awaiting arrest and hopes the TikTok trend will bring Johnson justice.

If you know anything about the murder of Corbyn Johnson, please contact the JSO or Crimestopper.

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