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The cook It is a simple yet fun and addictive cooking simulation game from SayGames. They are publishers of many exciting action games such as Johnny Trigger and Perfect Slices. Imagine you have a food truck, what would you do? Travel the world, create delicious dishes by hand, and make all diners admire your ingenuity. Experience the most exciting cooking action in the popular fun game, The Cook.

The gameplay in The Cook is simple, easy and suitable for all ages. At the beginning of the game screen, a long line of diners will line up in front of the truck. You will see a picture of the food the customer ordered in a speech bubble above their heads. After you select the dish you want to cook, you will start processing by following the detailed instructions. After the dish is finished, we decorate it and serve it to the diners. They will eat right away. If it satisfies them, you will receive a reward for unlocking some new ingredients and cooking utensils.

general information

Become a super chef in the new simulation game The Cook. In this original cooking game, you will manage a modern and polished kitchen fully equipped with kitchen equipment and utensils and a professional bar. Unlock and master over 60 recipes or use real recipes to cook whatever you love.

There are many good cooking games for PC like Cooking Joy – Burger Fever, Delicious – Emily’s Road Trip, but that didn’t happen until The Cook came along. We can try such a live version. Your kitchen has everything a professional chef needs, such as grills, pots and pans, gas stoves, ovens and a lot of modern kitchen equipment such as pots, pans, plates, knives, spoons and mixers. There are over 120 delicious recipes in the world of The Cook, including pork, fish, fruits, vegetables, and dairy. You also have your hands full of spices and herbs to add a new flavor to every dish.

The Cook offers a true culinary experience. All ingredients respond to the actions of the chef, as we change their temperature, appearance and taste. Every time you slice potatoes, flip a steak, or cook soup, they physically respond according to the corresponding action. Once you get used to cooking and start serving food, you will get better day by day. Even an excellent chef can create a new dish with his own brand.

Career Mode is a culinary journey. You will start from scratch, the task is to earn a good reputation for yourself and the restaurant. Start with the basics and unlock intricate dishes, serve more diners to earn fame, and your experience will improve dramatically. Once you master and create recipes, we will unlock more new perks and skills. However, if you don’t want to stick to the rules in The Cook, try the Sandbox mode. Discover every recipe and ingredient to prepare your dishes without stress. You don’t even have to cook anything. Cooking mechanisms will create unlimited options.

Overall Ratings

The Cook is a fun restaurant management simulation game. You will transform into a chef to show your culinary talent. Experience a culinary paradise from mugs of hot chocolate to sweet cakes. There will be a culinary competition with many other masters, helping your restaurant to reach the world.

You will play the role of a talented chef along with his grandfather, who came to the capital of Tasty Hills and runs a restaurant business. You are the manager and head chef here. When starting the game, players will do all the work without a support team. In the next stages, customers will be unlimited and they will hire additional staff to help you. Besides, you can change the dress style or customize the character’s face according to your preference.

The game contains a variety of different restaurants. To open the next restaurant, you must meet all the current restaurants. Each restaurant will have a variety of dishes.

After opening the next restaurant, the player receives revenue from the previous restaurant. With simple operations, you can touch the ingredients and follow each step. However, for cooking methods such as baking, frying and quick frying, if you leave it on the stove for too long, it will burn and can no longer be used. So, be very careful and save on raw materials.

Occasionally, at some levels, there are requirements you have to make, including not ignoring customers, completing enough sales, and not letting food burn. Each mission represents only five hearts maximum. When you don’t complete the goals, you will lose stamina. Therefore, be more careful in your cooking. But don’t worry too much! Sometimes the publisher will give you a certain amount of unlimited physical strength to thank you for participating in this game.

But if you win at this level, you will get gold coins and also the customer satisfaction index of your restaurant. After completing all the challenges in the restaurant, the satisfaction level of all levels will be covered and players will receive a reward corresponding to this rating.

Players can upgrade and decorate their restaurants to attract more customers. When upgrading the equipment, the player must spend some gold and wait for the new items to arrive. Each upgraded item will have different functions. Players must give priority to cooking equipment. In each new level, the difficulty will accumulate. If you can’t meet our customer service terms, you lose.

The Cook also has a guild system that helps players to chat and make friends with many people around the world. You can also join them in cooking competitions with many other guilds to win many valuable prizes. Moreover, you can decorate your restaurant further. Players will receive a maximum of six reputation scores. By completing enough prestige bars, players will get a small morale booster bonus. Each restaurant will have a level corresponding to your level of play. At the end of each level, a report will appear showing information including the revenue you’ve made and your work history.

After reaching a certain level in the current restaurant, you will unlock decorative items such as curtains, paintings, background tiles, and equipment to upgrade. It also increases the level of prestige and can receive compliments from its clients. Besides, the players have to beat the competition and receive good reviews from food critics, although it is a bit difficult but very fair.

Blend It 3D is an entertaining game for fruit and fruit lovers by making delicious and delicious smoothies or juices from a variety of fruits to serve the waiting customers. In Blend It 3D, you will be the owner of a beverage shop on the beach taking orders from diners trying to cater to their taste buds.

last words

The cook It features simple 2D graphics but comes with many tonal bright colors. Character models are also described with lots of expressions, dancing to music, waving hands and ordering food intensely. The interior is neatly arranged, and beautiful decor elements decorate your restaurant.

The customers who come here have many seasons and generations. When waiting for food, they always have familiar gestures such as students taking out books to read, and photographers using cameras to record the moments. The game gives players an exciting experience. The sound is simulated in great detail and mixes the background music. Enjoy the feeling of being in an authentic restaurant.

The Cook is an entertaining game. You will experience a deep world of culinary with your culinary talent. Discover tons of new recipes, beat the challenges of culinary critics, make your restaurant more famous and everyone will recognize your talent. The Cook welcomes all chefs to show your talent.