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“We’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas!”

In case you’re wondering how Ittoki followed up its half-assed fanservice filler episode, it was with an entire episode about a heretofore unmentioned grand ninja council having a meeting to discuss how there might be more to the killing of that one dude. The protagonists were in the episode for less than five minutes. Almost the entire thing was a bunch of dudes in native costumes, sitting around a table, trying to assure the audience that there was a plot somewhere in that series. It’s past time to give up.


Who thought it was a good idea to bring this mewling imbecile along to anything? A ham sandwich would have more merit and be better prepared to handle this pathetic Dr. Who knockoff pocket dimension stupidity. And I mean that seriously. There is so much screaming and melodrama over what would barely qualify for the cheap bottle episode that Dr. Who does practically every other season. And they keep declaring that they’re going to starve to death. God help these people if they’re ever trapped in an elevator or waiting in an American line to vote. They’d be going all Donner Party within the hour.

And unfortunately, all the other issues continue. We have all these side characters, and maudlin flashbacks for them about how they’re so emotional and so whatever while in the present, they sit around and do jack. We’re six goddamned episodes in, and there’s more frames of animation of them fighting in the opening than in the entire actual rest of the show combined. They’re presenting with a quavering wall of flesh claiming to hold them prisoner, and one points his finger at it, the other swats it a couple times, and then they pretty much just go “Welp, we tried something and we’re all out of ideas, time to sit and listen to the screaming imbeciles yell about how much doom we’re in.” And that’s the whole episode, spent waiting for the protagonist to literally get up off his ass and try something… anything… so the cliffhanger can be “someone does something… next week.” Fix your goddamned pacing. Involve the rest of the cast.

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