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Why exactly does a leech have breasts?


I’m fine with saying that this is the significantly stronger show on Tuesdays, but all its Jumpness continues to annoy me. The fight against the out-of-nowhere monster was once again just yelling and headbutting each other until one of them spontaneously fell over, or in this case, was ganked from behind, with zero regard for anything besides throwing a zillion frames of animation at it. Let’s say we had just flat out skipped or cut out the entire first ten minutes of the episode. Would anything else have needed to be changed at all? Would anything else have been affected in any way? If the answer’s no, and it doesn’t stand on its own as anything but an animation reel, I can’t help but ask “what was the point?”

The characters also continue to either be obnoxious and puerile, or worse nonentities, and it’s really frustrating especially at the end of the episode since there’s genuine opportunties for growth or at least understanding. You could have very easily done a full episode about Power moving in with them and Denji realizing what a trash person he’s been from being exposed to someone that’s him but even worse, but that’s relegated to a thirty second montage as his entire character and attitude towards living with people has apparently done a 180. He didn’t grow as a person from it. He just was abruptly completely different for no real reason. I crave the epiphany. The understanding. Not screaming how much of a child you are and then having a seizure over living out your pervert fantasies. The internet exists, assuming it hasn’t been eaten by the Twitter Devil or whatever. Why do these cockamamie groping tropes from the 60s still live on? 

Also, side note. The new ED every episode spices it up and all, but can we not have any more than begin with screaming and then are just distorted white noise? Thanks.