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Get ready to join the world’s greatest celebrities Starsidethe prestigious island resort where all the VIPs around the world strive for their holidays, or at least what will become of the future, engage in addictive casual resort management and celebrity simulation gameplay in Starside – Exposed Celebrity island story and drama.

Enjoy the work of building the perfect resort for all your clients to visit and enjoy their stay from the old and dilapidated tropical resort. Explore the vast gameplay of management where you get access to different aspects of the enterprise. Also, enjoy discovering the fun lifestyles and relationships filled with the dramatic events of celebrities in the game.

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story / gameplay

Here at Starside, Android players will have the opportunity to enjoy the exciting simulation game, where you become the owner of the old Starside Resort. In the past, it was a favorite destination for VIPs and celebrities from all over the world to spend their time undisturbed. The resort features great services, amenities, and beautiful destinations, and many have loved it.

But now, in its current dilapidated state, it will not be able to attract VIP clients. For this reason, you will need to work hard to redesign the island resort to its former glory. Enjoy playing this addictive hotel and resort simulation game as you build, design and decorate facilities to improve many of their elements.

Meanwhile, also engage in the addictive gameplay of match-3, which offers you many fun levels with unique items and escalating challenges. Enjoy playing this addictive puzzle game and unlock many interesting rewards in the game.

Also, do not forget to engage in many exciting dramas in the world of celebrities, where you can make friends with VIPs from all over the world. Discover their exciting relationships and dramatic lifestyles that will always make the game fun.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive user interface and interactive touch controls

To get you started, Starside Android players can quickly engage in simple gameplay accessible from casual simulation and match-3 puzzles, thanks to the intuitive touch controls. Here, you can freely navigate the main resort interface and freely interact with the available action buttons. Also take advantage of interesting gestures to further enjoy in-game experiences. All this will allow you to enjoy the game comfortably.

screen next to stars 0

Enjoy addictive match 3 levels with different gameplay

For those of you who are interested, you can now get access to the addictive match-3 levels of Starside, which feature many fun and relaxing puzzle challenges for Android players to enjoy at any time. Feel free to take on several of these tasks to meet the needs of your clients or to complete some challenges in your missions to rebuild the resort.

Simply match similar fruits together to appear and unlock puzzle boards. Complete certain tasks in each of the three matching levels and finish challenges to earn your rewards. Simple and accessible match-3 puzzle gameplay will let you enjoy the game whenever you want. Get into the game and have fun and collect various special loot that can be used to redesign your island resort.

Feel free to build and innovate your own hotel resort

Speaking of which, Starside allows Android players to freely build their resort with many in-game features and items. Enjoy building all kinds of interesting buildings with great looks and different uses. From giving your clients places to stay and relax to letting them enjoy luxury services as VIPs at your tropical resorts. Ensure that you have all the hotel facilities that your clients need to enjoy their stay. And don’t forget to pamper them with the many interesting games that you can organize on your island.

At the same time, feel free to work with the available design options, as they come with multiple choices of placement for the island buildings to ensure their efficient operations and the overall view of the island. Enjoy working with the many available decorations and beautiful attractions, which you can enable in the resort to make it more pleasing to the eyes. As a result, not only your guests, but you will also fall in love with the island resort hotel.

screen next to the stars 1

Discover the dramatic lifestyles of VIPs and celebrities

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy more than just playing match-3 puzzles and have fun exploring the gameplay of island management. Here at Starside, players can freely explore the dramatic lifestyles of VIPs and celebrities in your hotel. With so many big names and egos all together in one place, the game will provide the ultimate recipe for drama and fun story sequences for you to enjoy. Enjoy interacting with your clients, learning more about their stories and relationships, uncovering interesting dates, and doing your best to make sure everything stays calm in your organization.

Interact freely with your guests and help them in their personal lives

You can start interacting with various Starside guests to learn more about these VIPs and celebrities. Discover their personalities as you speak and reveal their stories. Enjoy interesting, dramatic episodes in Starside with the many different tricks that can happen between customers. Interact with their lives and how they make their choices either to spark dramas or to make sure everyone is happy solving everything right.

Featuring narrative gameplay that is full of interesting drama episodes, Starside will make sure that you can enjoy its engaging stories just like the addictive gameplay. Enjoy exploring the entire hotel and discover all kinds of interesting secrets that happen inside and outside the hotel. From joining the singer in her dramatic wedding experiences, to famous actors with his befuddled love life. The exciting and varied experiences of Starside are sure to impress many Android players.

Starside 2 . screen

Meet many interesting celebrities and develop your relationships

And speaking of which, here at Starside, Android players will have opportunities to meet and interact with many different characters, each with their own unique traits and a big ego that can move things around with ease. From movie legends, divas, pop stars, major directors, politicians and other very important people, Starside will make sure that you can enjoy the game with great clients. Plus, the option to develop your relationships and influence their choices just like the likes of Secrets: Game of Choices and Love Island, will allow you to freely set up your stories and enjoy the game even more.

Multiple missions and challenges to complete

During the game, Android players can enjoy a series of exciting missions that will take them through different stories. You find yourself completing some missions and challenges in different arcs and episodes of the drama to really become a part of it. Complete challenges to earn your rewards.

screen next to the stars 3

Enjoy playing offline anytime

For those of you who are interested in the exciting gameplay of Starside, you can now access the offline mobile title, available for all Android players to enjoy. As a result, there is no need to turn on your mobile data or search for active Wi-Fi connections whenever you want to play the game. Simply engage in offline mobile address whenever and wherever you want.

free to play

Despite all the exciting features, Starside is still free for all Android players to enjoy on Google Play Store. Feel free to download the game and start exploring its many features without having to pay anything. Just keep in mind that since it is still a free app, there will be in-game purchases and ads that may annoy you.

Access to our modified application

And unless you’re willing to pay to unlock in-game purchases and ads, it’s always a good idea for Android players to go for the free and unlocked Starside app on our website. Here, we provide unlocked gameplay with ads removed and unlimited money. As a result, you can freely work on improving your island resorts while enjoying the dramatic stories. All it takes is to download a file Starside Mod APKAnd follow the instructions provided and start enjoying the game.

Picture and sound quality


Here at Starside, Android players can enjoy beautiful in-game environments with simple, realistic and attractive 3D island resort. Also, the amazingly illustrated avatars will definitely make their in-game interactions more fun. More importantly, the improved graphics will ensure a smooth and satisfying Starside gameplay for all players.

sound and music

To make the game more enjoyable, Starside also features relaxing soundtracks and exciting sound effects, which allow Android players to fully engage in great mobile gaming experiences.

last thoughts

With addictive gameplay of match-3 puzzles and dramatic in-game episodes featuring our celebrities and VIPs, Starside will make sure that you can enjoy hotel management experiences like no other.