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Paul Bilzerian stood born in 1950 in Miami, Florida, and is an American businessman, corporate takeover specialist, and sentenced felon. He holds a Bachelor of Arts grade from Stanford University. Bilzerian wedded his girlfriend Terri Steffen in 1978. His 2 sons, Dan Bilzerian and Adam Bilzerian are famed. Dan is an expert poker player and television star.

Paul Bilzerian was convicted of deteriorating to make complete and timely disclosures on Schedule 13(d) filings connected to an unsuccessful takeover attempt of Cluett, Peabody, and Company and Hammermill Paper Business in the 1980s. For this Bilzerian served a 13-month prison ruling and was also ordered to disgorge his profits, leading him to ruin and a 30-year legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Directive.

After Bilzerian was previously convicted, the SEC continued by filing a civil suit against Bilzerian based on identical charges to force him to empty the profits from the takeover attempts. Bilzerian requested that this be double jeopardy as he had been punished once for equal conduct. However, in 1993, a federal judge plain in favor of the SEC and ordered Bilzerian to eject $33.1 million of profits, plus interest.

Bilzerian has expended the past three decades maintaining that he is innocent. In 2019, he renounced his American nationality in protest of what he claims has been “a long and disappointing involvement in the federal judicial system that has been consistently unjust and shown little esteem for the law or the truth.”

Paul Bilzerian is the daddy to so-called “The Instagram King” Dan Bilzerian and required a net worth cresting at a projected low of $85 million to highs of $300 million by the night-time ’80s. Paul filed for insolvency twice, however, in 1991 and 2001.

Paul Bilzerian
Paul Bilzerian

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One of Paul Bilzerian’s first occupational deals was an investment in the 1970s in a Tampa Bay-area radio station, WPLP, which he completed with two Army colleagues from the Vietnam War. Though, in a dispute over control, Bilzerian left in the late 1970s to join his father-in-law in the actual estate business.

Bilzerian’s real estate reserves were highly successful and led to the commencement of his fortune.

He filed for ruin for the second time in 2001 but according to Florida Bankruptcy Law his primary real estate stuff was safe from creditors’ demands. Some of his creditors felt he might be using the announcement of bankruptcy as a tool to prevent them from collecting, however, this was not once proven.

Net Worth Of Paul Bilzerian

Paul Bilzerian
Paul Bilzerian

On top of gainful the $1.5 million fine, Paul faced a handful of private claims from investors who claimed his travels cost them money. The SEC jumped in and demanded that Paul needle over any “illicit profits” he earned due to the stock parking and manipulation. As part of these proceedings, during a 1989 court hearing, Paul was forced to approximate his wealth. In one earlier case, he projected his net worth as around $50 million. In a later case, he estimated his net worth at $81.4 million

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