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In the Tokyo Ghoul series, Ken Kaneki (金カネ木キ 研ケン, Kaneki Ken) is the main character. He is the father of Ichika Kaneki and Touka Kirishima’s husband at the moment. He had previously been a Kamii University student majoring in Japanese literature and leading a relatively normal life.

However, after Rize Kamishiro’s kakuhou were transplanted into him, transforming him into a one-eyed ghoul, this quickly changed. The first known artificial one-eyed ghoul is Kaneki.

The Quinx came about as a result of his distinctive half-ghoul state. He learns how to live as a ghoul after joining Anteiku as a part-time waiter, eventually becoming known as Eyepatch (眼帯, Gantai).

After being taken captive by the Aogiri Tree, he underwent a profound transformation in his personality. When he was able to escape, he formed a group to protect those who were important to him and kill those who were threatening his home.

He was given the name Centipede (ムカデ, Mukade) due to the distinctive appearance of his kakuja form. Two years after he lost to Kishou Arima, he lived under the name Haise Sasaki (佐々木ササキ 琲ハイ世セ, Sasaki Haise), a Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator who was the Quinx Squad’s mentor.

He lost his memories at first, but they came back during the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation. Ghouls came to refer to him as the Black Reaper (, Kuroi Shinigami) six months after the surgery.

He refers to himself as the One-Eyed King (隻眼の王, Sekigan no) after defeating Eto and Arima and revealing their joint plan to raise a one-eyed ghoul who could serve as the hope for all ghouls. Since then, Kaneki has established the Goat organization.

Kaneki transformed into the Dragon (竜, Ry), a massive, uncontrollable kagune that destroyed much of Tokyo as a result of a plan devised by Kichimura Washuu. The remaining Goat members and the CCG worked together to free him from the monstrous appendage later.

After a fierce battle with Kichimura Washuu and Dragon, Kaneki ventured into the oviduct’s depths when the Dragon’s relics began releasing a poison that posed a threat to humans and ghouls alike.

Kaneki and Touka are now happily married after the Defense of Tokyo. They have a daughter and another child on the way, bringing humans and ghouls together for the first time.


Ken Kaneki
Haise Sasaki

Japanese Name

金木 研 (カネキ ケン)
佐々木 琲世 (ササキ ハイセ)


Kaneki Ken
Sasaki Haise


Black Reaper
Number 240
One-Eyed King
Nameless King
Miracle Human


Artificial One-eyed ghoul
Human (Formerly)


As Ken Kaneki:
18 (until Ch. 64)
19 (after Ch. 64)
21 (Tokyo Ghoul: re)
22 (after: re Ch. 31.5)
23 (after: re Ch. 98)
29 (: re Ch. 179)
As Haise Sasaki:
22 (Tokyo Ghoul: re)
23 (after: re Ch. 32)
24 (after: re Ch. 130)


December 20, 19 BSBI
April 2, 19 BSBI (as Haise Sasaki)


169 cm (Vol. 1)
169.5 cm (Vol. 14)
170 cm (Tokyo Ghoul: re)


55 kg (Vol. 1)
58 kg (Vol. 14; Tokyo Ghoul: re)


Kamii University (Formerly)
Anteiku (Formerly)
Anti-Aogiri (Formerly)
Kaneki’s group – Leader (Formerly)
Aogiri Tree – Executive (Anime only; Defected)
CCG (Defected)
Mado Squad (Formerly)
Quinx Squad – Mentor (Formerly)
S3 Squad – Secretary (Formerly)
Arima Squad (Formerly)
:re – Associates (Formerly)
Goat – Leader (Formerly)
United Front – Member


College Student (Formerly)
Part-Time Waiter (Formerly)
Ghoul Investigator (Formerly)
Ghoul’s King (Formerly)


Ken Kaneki’s father †
Ken Kaneki’s mother †
Ken Kaneki’s aunt (Maternal Aunt)
Ken Kaneki’s uncle (Maternal Uncle)
Yuuichi Asaoka (Maternal Cousin)
Touka Kirishima (Wife)
Ayato Kirishima (Brother-in-law)
Hikari Kirishima (Mother-in-law) †
Arata Kirishima (Father-in-law)
Renji Yomo (Uncle-in-law)
Ichika Kaneki (Daughter)
Unborn Son


20th ward (Formerly)
6th ward (Formerly)
23rd ward (Imprisoned, Formerly)
1st ward (Formerly)
24th ward (Currently)

Rc Level

170 (Human)
977 (Post-surgery)
2753 (: re Ch. 2)


Yukimura 1/3 (Koukaku, Rate B)


Rank 3 (Tokyo Ghoul Epilogue)
Rank 1 (: re Ch. 1)
First Class (after :re Ch. 32)
Associate Special Class (after :re Ch. 57)


Single White Wing Medal
Golden Osmanthus Medal

Manga Debut

Chapter 1
Tokyo Ghoul Epilogue (As Haise Sasaki)

Anime Debut

Episode 1
:re Episode 1 (As Haise Sasaki)

Novel Debut

Days: Chapter 1
quest: Chapter 1 (As Haise Sasaki)

Game Debut

Tokyo Ghoul: Jail


Natsuki Hanae
Yurie Kobori (young, anime)
Yuuki Sakurai (young, :re (anime))

English VA

Austin Tindle
Leah Clark (young, anime)
Kristen McGuire (young, film)

Stage Play

Yūki Ogoe (2015)
Ryō Matsuda (2017)

Film Actor

Masataka Kubota

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