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In hindsight, Elena Delle gave clues that she was in the same s*x association with her partner today. They were regularly spotted together and even posted photos of each additional on social media. However, it wasn’t pending August 2016 that the professional female basketballer self-proclaimed she was engaged. So, how did they meet, and when did they say “I do”?

Elena Delle Donne has been a professional basketball player subsequently 2013 and has created a great status in the sport. Chicago Sky selected her second general in the WNBA draft. Some of her most prominent achievements in her career include winning the gold honor with the USA women’s basketball squad in the 2016 Olympics.

Elena Delle Donne’s Revealed About Spouse

The pair hit it off rapidly, first having a casual dinner with the networks who introduced them and then having an additional date at a nearby dog beach. “We both have a dog and we indisputably hit it off on that date,” says Elena, a College of Delaware and Ursuline School alum, who currently plays for the Washington Mystics. “From here, it kind of took off.”

Elena Delle’s dogs—and that dog seashore—would prove significant for the couple. Three years after the first conference, both knew they wanted to get betrothed and each wanted a proposal. Strong-minded to surprise Elena, Amanda popped the inquiry first. On June 2, 2016, she asked Elena if she was required to take their dogs, Rasta and Wrigley, to the dog beach. Planned for the center of the day, the beach was justly empty.

Elena Delle donne
Elena Delle Donne

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“We went to the home where we had our first date and she found a way to get the circle around Wrigley’s collar and one way or another got me to look at the collar,” says Elena. “I was completely surprised.”

That was precisely what Amanda was going for. “I wanted to make it unquestionable it was a secret and a huge amazement,” she says. Keeping it secret—and guaranteeing the ring didn’t get lost in the course—proved a bit nerve-wracking. Amanda paused until the dogs had run everywhere a bit before slipping the loop on Wrigley’s collar. “The whole thing just outspread so flawlessly,” Amanda recalls.

On July 6, 2016, Elena joined the surprise, proposing to Amanda at their Chicago home. “I knew it wasn’t successful to be as big of a surprise because we were previously engaged,” says Elena, who still sought to make it equally special. “I prepared an eight-course dinner that combined all our favorite foods from our relationship and made collages of diverse experiences throughout our relationship. For pudding, I dressed up her dog, Rasta, in a marriage gown, and I completed a sign that said, ‘Marry me.’”

Elena Delle Donne
Elena Delle Donne

The wonders didn’t end there, though. In February 2017, they were called the Knot’s Dream Wedding Couple. “We were eager,” says Elena. “It was a great time to have the best planning corporation to plan our vision wedding.” Every component of their Nov. 3, 2017 wedding was curated to excellence. “We’re privileged to be offered the chance and to be the [Knot Dreaming Wedding Couple’s] first same-sex couple,” enhances Amanda. “It’s an honor.”

The brides operated with Brooklyn Elena Delle, N.Y.-based event planning business Jove Meyer Events. Though they didn’t have a melody in mind, Elena and Amanda had a chic vibe they wanted to rival. “We wanted it to be elegant and classy, heaps of white with flowers,” speaks Elena.

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