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Shadow Fight 3 Mod (Unlimited Money/Gems/Max Level) – According to legend, the hero will be able to finish fighting for shadow energy by learning three different fighting techniques. He will also have to face the strongest warriors.

The world is on the brink of war. The mighty power created by the Gates of Shadows had turned into a weapon that could be used for combat. Three powerful war clans are now engaged in a battle to determine the future of this power.

Legion warriors focus on destroying dangerous dark energy. Family members want to use it for their own good. Meanwhile, the Heralds’ ninja warriors explore the inner workings of the Shadow Force.

You will face three different fighting styles, three worldviews, and three clans in a deadly battle. If you want to win, choose to fight with courage and fury.

In Shadow Fight 3, you have a chance to show your skills to the players in the world. By defeating various enemies, you can save the universe from falling.

In addition to being an online fighting game, Shadow Fight 3 also features a storyline that complements the story of the series. It features exciting battles and exciting adventure that takes place in different locations.

Create an epic hero – in Shadow Fight 3-You have a chance to choose your hero. He or she can be a black ninja, an undefeated samurai, or an honorary knight. You can also customize your devices to create a unique look.

Win hero battles – You can also customize your hero’s fighting style by taking on the role of a powerful ninja or a knight of honor. With the help of shadow energy, you can launch powerful attacks and change the course of the battle.

complete the story World players await the arrival of a hero who will end the conflict and bring justice to the world. They can also influence the story by choosing one of the war clans. You can also challenge powerful enemies and explore other worlds to learn more about the story.

Show your skills – Even after the main story ends, the hero fighting game action continues in the game. You can win matches by facing other players heroes. You can also rank high in the leaderboards and become a legend in your local area by defeating the strongest warriors.

assembly groups – Your personal armor and weapons are obtainable to try out and look great in matches. After collecting all your devices, you can use them to make it easier to win. Plan your strategy and lead the match to the end.

Follow the game’s social media channels to keep up with the latest updates and learn more about the game. You can also participate in many competitions to win great prizes.

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Version 1.28.0 Changes:
– A new game mode has been added: Blitz;
– New ammo feature has been added;
– Reworking and upgrading the perks and special moves system;
– Privileges changed, new benefits added.