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‘Shadow & Bone’ star Jessie May Ray would love it if Alina was queer.

Speaking to Digital Spy about the diversity of the fantasy series based on Leigh Bardugo’s book, the year-old actress recalled how the show amplifies diverse voices. I love the depiction of race, and one of the things I had when I auditioned was this slight concern: is this just a scale of diversity?

Why did you do that?” she first asked, adding, “I understand they don’t just want people of color at the top. I wrote Alina’s story to reflect on Christina [Strain’s] experience. It’s a weird relationship on screen, but it’s not a big deal. They’re characters who are clearly in relationships and so on.

No, really one calls it weird or anything or even a big deal, but that’s fine in this world.

“I love it too,” she added. “You may not see it, but at some point in time, you see two soldiers, Ivan and Fedor, together very clearly. It just adds relationships in a very unique and beautiful way.

Jessie continued, “All these things are really exciting to me. If you’re a multi-ethnic or first-generation immigrant or queer, I hope you get to see Shadow and Born.

Whatever it is, I hope they can check it out and find someone they can relate to. “Now she has Maru and she loves Maru. But who knows? who knows where they go? I love it. I think it’s great for her because I think it suits her well too.

Physique Measurements

Jessie Mei Li is a stunning actress with a beautiful face and a charming smile. Her height is 5ft 1 and she is the perfect height for her. Her ideal weight is 53kg.

Similarly, her hair is black and her eyes are almost black. Her eyes were narrow with brown irises and high cheekbones. She had a long face and low eyebrows.

Her other proportions are unknown at this time. In general, she has a slim frame and a well-proportioned body.

Net Worth

She is a famous actress who has appeared in many movies and TV shows. Similarly, her net worth is expected to range from $1 million to $5 million as of 2021.

Her 2020 Net Worth was $150,000. Her exact salary has yet to be announced, but her fans do not doubt that she makes a good living with her work.

Personal Life

She has never dated and has no plans. She is currently not dating anyone and does not have a boyfriend. Because of this, she is currently considered single.

There is no talk of relationships or affairs with others yet. Your sexual identity is heterosexual. 

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