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The latest chapter of Sasaki and Miyano Manga has finally come out on official reading sites and the fans are very excited for the next chapter after the cliffhanger it left us on. So today we will discuss Sasaki and Miyano Chapter 47 where we will tell you its release date, raw scans, spoilers, and the official ways through which you can read the chapter as soon as it is available in your country.

As you already know Sasaki and Miyano is a popular High-school BL manga written by Harusono Shou which follows the journey of a group of high school as they discover a new side of themselves and fumble between love and affection.

Sasaki to Miyano chapter 47
Mafuyu – Given

Sasaki and Miyano Chapter 47 Release Date: When the next chapter will come out?

The Sasaki to Miyano manga is serialised online on Pixiv Comic where a new chapter is released on the 15th of every month. Sasaki and Miyano Chapter 47 is scheduled to release on 15th December 2022.

However do note that it will take some time before the English translations will come out as the whole translation process involves manga invisible complex steps such as redrawing, typesetting, proofreading, and of course translating the text.

So you might need to for atleast 3-5 days the chapter is available to read in your preferred language.

Sasaki and Miyano Chapter 47 Raw Scans, Spoilers and other leaks

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Mafuyu – Given
  • At the time of writing, the raw scans and spoilers for Sasaki ane Miyano ch. 47 haven’t come out yet.

Raw scans for such a monthly series usually start surfacing on the net 3-4 days before the official release date and can be found on online forums such as 4chan and Reddit. So we are expecting the raws for Sasaki and Miyano to be available by December 13, 2021.

We will keep an eye out for them and report back to you as soon as are released. Meanwhile, for the latest updates and chapter discussions check out its official subreddit at r/SasakitoMiyano.

Where to read online?

Yen Press is officially publishing the manga series in English. You can enjoy the series in English by buying the volumes from thier website.

About Sasaki and Miyano (Sasaki to Miyano)

Sasaki and Miyano or Sasaki to Miyano is a Slice of Life, BL anime which aired in January 2022. The anime is based on the manga of the same written by Sho Harusono in Pixiv Comic online magazine since 2016. Studio Deen worked on the anime adaptation with Shinji Ishihira as the director with Yoshiko Nakamura handling the script composition. Meanwhile, Maki Fujii designed the characters, and Kana Shibue provided the music for the series.

Miyano witnesses a fight between Kuresawa, his classmate and friend, and several other students. Too afraid to step in, he calls for help over his phone, when Sasaki, a second-year student, steps in to dissolve the quarrel. A new bond is formed when Sasaki meets Miyano again a few months later, and he becomes especially interested in Miyano’s hobby: Boy’s Love manga. Though Sasaki has no idea what seme, uke, or moe means, he is eager to read more in order to get closer with his underclassman