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Robbery Bob 2 is an action game developed by Level Eight AB. This game offers a different gaming experience with you as a thief instead of being the traditional hero. It is specifically an interesting game for people who want to live the life of a thief.


The game allows you to guide Bob through different challenges to complete interesting missions. You will also help Bob perform the ultimate heist mission in Robbery Bob 2.

Interesting story

The game allows Android players to play as a famous thief in the city. This robber is a prime target of police force because of the number of missions he has completed before. You will accidentally destroy the wedding of a scary mafia boss during one of your missions.

The mafia boss will make you work for him to pay for what you did. This will require your stealth abilities because you will be tasked with challenging and exciting missions to complete. You will infiltrate criminal hideouts, homes, police stations, shopping complexes and other places to steal things.

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There are different terrains and settings that you will need to solve to avoid your enemy’s supervision. Avoid unfriendly dogs and other guards. You use your props and skills to get into the buildings without getting caught.

Collect all the items you need and be the ultimate thief in the city.

Great visual and audio quality

Robbery Bob 2 offers immersive audio for Android gamers to enjoy. The soundtrack is addictive and attractive to make you enjoy every action in the game.

The visuals are amazing in a cartoonish and funny art style. This allows Android to have an exciting and fun visual experience that they will surely find interesting. The game also offers satisfying visual effects, immersive environment, and much more.


Robbery Bob 2 is available on most Android devices because it uses unexpected graphics.


Here are some of the great features that the game offers:

  • Intuitive and simple controls: This feature makes it easy for you to start the game. Android games will enjoy this game without facing any problem. Intuitive and simple controls help players to complete missions with ease.
  • New adventure: The game offers a newer adventure for the fans of the famous Robbery Bob. Robbery Bob 2 features latest adventure and amazing missions to complete for users.
  • Different gameplay to explore: The different adventure also offers different and interesting gameplay, including the most stealthy gameplay. There are different missions to complete, and you’ll be wandering around Seagull Bay, Shamville, and Playa Mafiosos Street.
  • Tools and props: There are interesting tools and equipment that will help you escape without getting caught. You can also use this equipment to easily get out of difficult situations.
  • Amazing events and different themes: One of the things that makes the game interesting is that it provides different events for the players to enjoy. All these events have a different gameplay.

Robbery Bob 2 Mod APK Free Download

The new version of Robber Bob 2 Mod APK provides modded features which are not in the regular version. These additions will include:

  • Unlimited Money
  • all unlocked

Robbery Bob 2 is without a doubt a great game to download. Download the latest version of Robbery Bob 2 to enjoy extreme gaming fun and satisfaction.