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What does it mean for the gaming world?

It may not be news to any League of Legends account holders, but game developers Riot Games acquired Wargaming Sydney recently. However, you might not know its effects on the gaming community. We’ll explore the consequences of this recent acquisition in this article.

What is Wargaming Sydney?

For the uninitiated, Wargaming Sydney is the Sydney branch of the Wargaming company. The latter makes all the World of War games (World of Tanks, World of Warships, etc.). Later, they bought Bigworld Technology, an engine (and development studio) that creates and maintains huge game worlds.

It was founded in 2002 by John De Margheriti. It’s used in several games already, most notably the mentioned World of Tanks and Warships. In 2012, Wargaming bought the engine and its developers and continued supporting it. The studio was renamed Wargaming Sydney, while the tech retained its name.

They’ve worked on several projects (even some secret ones!). They’re also dedicated to providing quality products, whether a game, add-on, port, or even just a prototype.

After the Acquisition of Wargaming Sydney

Riot will rebrand the development arm of the studio as Riot Sydney, while the publishing side retains the Wargaming name. The renamed team will help create Riot’s current and future games, especially with Bigworld Technology.

This will also help Riot’s games spread to consoles. The new acquisition is experienced in porting those and creating add-ons. Aside from that, they have considerable experience in creating MMOs and live-service games. That’s invaluable to Riot’s products, and it (live-service games) is the gaming trend these days.

Surprisingly, Riot did not acquire this Sydney studio to use Bigworld Technology in its highly anticipated new MMO. Everything about that game is very tentative, and it is noted that it might not be released. The tech is a widely-used engine for several MMOs. The shocking part is that Riot didn’t think of using it in their game. At least, they didn’t explicitly say they would.

Impact on the Gaming Community

With this new team on board, expect more console ports or mobile game versions. Of course, they’re still going to keep League of Legends and Valorant going. Those are their flagship and most profitable games, and the new acquisition will help them make them better.

Also, with Bigworld Technology under their belt, expect some server streamlining and better connections. The engine holds the Guinness World Record for Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server. In November 2011, they beat their old record of 91k players, as World of Tanks got 250,000 concurrent players.

It does that by balancing the server load by using several small cell apps in one server to distribute the stress. That allows more users to exist concurrently in the same game world.

Any future game Riot will develop could have these assets at its disposal. That makes for ones with better connectivity, console ports, and overall, a better multiplayer experience. We also could get games or modes with more than two teams of 5 like usual. It might be a 10v10 or even a battle royale (though the genre’s popularity has waned a little).

The acquisition is a win-win for both companies. Riot receives expertise on MMOs, and the Riot Sydney team gets to work on something a little out of their comfort zone. That’s the best way to break boundaries and create something new.

A Bright Future

According to various articles, both companies are satisfied with the acquisition and look forward to working together. It bodes well for any future project, and considering Riot’s track record, they’re set to make even better games.

Unlike some other recent (and controversial) mergers, this one look to benefit both the company and the players. Let’s all look forward to a better experience for LoL account holders and even better future games.

Hopefully, no riots will erupt because of this acquisition, though complainers will find something to nitpick soon enough. Still, we can expect great things to come out of Riot in the future. Only time will tell whether they will meet those expectations.

Whether you play League of Legends (on PC or mobile), Valorant, or both, keep on enjoying and playing!