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Hugo’s Herbarium contains twelve items that must be collected for A Plague Tale: Requiem. How to get them all is as follows.

A Plague Tale: New weapons, tools, and gameplay mechanics help players survive the hordes of vicious rats that infest Amicia’s world in Requiem, which expands on many of the original game’s ideas.Similar to A Tale of a Plague: Innocence, players will have to find a variety of things for Hugo, but this time they won’t just have to find flowers. Hugo has a total of twelve items in his collection. To find all seven feathers and five flowers in the Herbarium, players will need to use their keen eyes.

If players want to complete all of A Plague Tale’s achievements, they must: In order to play Requiem, they’ll need all of the things listed below. Fortunately, the latest game has multiple chapter checkpoints to help players move through each chapter more quickly, making it easier than ever to collect any missing items.

Chapter 1 Herbarium (Under A New Sun)

This chapter contains no items from the Herbarium.

Chapter 2 Herbarium (Newcomers)

Item No. 1 in the Herbarium: an Arrowhead (Flower)

Because it is a part of the main story path that moves through the chapter, finding the first Herbarium item is simple. Players will find a long staircase leading to a new area from where they can see the Order-marked tower in the distance once they reach the point where Lucas and Amicia use Ignifer to take the elevator up. Players simply need to follow the straight path there until they reach a small garden area. Lucas will make a comment about spotting something as Amicia moves through the garden, then run to the flower and crouch down there. To pick it up, players only need to interact with the spot.

Chapter 3 Herbarium (A Burden Of Blood)

Item No. 2 in the Herbarium: Chamomile (Floral)

Players must progress through the chapter until they see the guards leading the Herbalist from an archway, at which point they can access this flower. After the scene is over, the player will move to an archway, turn left, jump over a small stone fence, and follow the wall until they find a wood-moving piece crack in it. Players will enter an area with the Herbalist’s house and numerous surrounding plants as soon as they move the wood and slip through the opening.

A large tree with some flower pots hanging from it is located to the left of the house up a short path. Players can shoot at the hooks that hold the flower pots to lower them to the ground if they look up. When players free the flower from the hook in one of these pots, they can interact with it to obtain the Chamomile.

Chapter 4 Herbarium (Protector’s Duty)

Item No. 3 in the Herbarium: Gentian (Floral)

Players will find themselves emerging from a small tunnel and into a large harbor shortly after the chapter begins. When they point to the ship they’re looking for in the water, Lucas will say that he saw it. Players can then proceed down the hill and perform a quick right around a random assortment of boxes and debris. They will want to continue down the beach from there until they come to a small patch of purple flowers. Stepping up to the lone flower clump in the middle allows you to capture the gentian.

Chapter 5 Herbarium (In Our Wake)

Item No. 4 in the Herbarium: Anemone (Flower)

Amicia will be cut off from her family and forced to figure out how to cross a large bridge in chapter V.In order for players to safely cross, they must use a cart to access various ledges. Players can break a hook at the beginning of this section to drop a small footbridge if they hug the rock wall to the left and look up. Players can then access the newly dropped bridge by using the nearby cart to climb the small. Players should locate the Anemone bundle on the cliff’s edge after crossing and climbing the rocks.

Chapter 6 Herbarium (Leaving All Behind)

Item No. 5 in the Herbarium: Jay (Feather)

This feather is practically given to Amicia because it is the first feather that players discover. Hugo and Amicia will find themselves in a large field in the early parts of Chapter VI, where the girl will challenge her younger brother to a race. The only thing the players need to do is run after Hugo until he falls in front of a large tree and stays knelt down to look at a pile of something on the ground. Players who interact with Hugo will receive the Jay feather as a reward.

Chapter 7 Herbarium (Felons)

Item No. 6 in the Herbarium: Black-Headed Gull (Feather)

Early on in Chapter VII, players will discover the next feather. Players will travel in a straight line until they reach a beach, where they will witness Hugo rushing into a large group of Seagulls shortly after. Players can see a small hut to their left after the scene is over. The Black-Headed Gull feather can be found at the end of the stone path if players simply enter the hut and jump out of the window on their left.

Chapter 8 Herbarium (A Sea Of Promises)

Item No. 7 in the Herbarium: Black Kite (Feather)

Before finding this feather, players will have to wait until their brief sea trip is over. Players will once again take control of Amicia and lead Hugo into the nearby small village once the ship docks at La Cuna. Players will arrive in a large square with numerous stalls shortly thereafter. When Amicia and Hugo first enter the square, they can find a small path that leads to an open area where a woman is talking to a group of sitting people about how nice the decorations are if they go to the left. Players can follow the narrow path that leads to a large tree if they move past her. Here you can find the feathers.

Chapter 9 Herbarium (Tales And Revelations)

Item No. 8 in the Herbarium: Barn Owl (Feather)

When traversing this area, players should exercise extreme caution as it is entirely possible to completely miss this feather if the correct route is not taken. Players will eventually run into a group of guards as they get closer to the Sanctuary.

They will be forced into a stealth section where they cannot be seen or fight back. To reach another area that begins to wind up the mountainside, players must navigate through the first zone and through a door. Players will begin to see numerous morning stars and heavily armed soldiers patrolling the area as they get closer to the top. Players should see a large tower to the left of a metal door that leads to another area near the “top” of this zone.

Players should stay away from the door and go into the grassy area nearby by climbing the hill to its left. They can then climb the stairs to the roof by jumping into the window and turning to the right. They can enter the tower by opening the roof door once they are there. They must climb all the way to the top of the tower when they enter it, then climb up the wall and follow the path. The feathers of the Barn Owl can be found close to the wall on the left, just before they fall off the cliff.

Chapter 10 Herbarium (Bloodline)

Item No. 9 in the Herbarium: Raven (Feather)

Players will eventually enter an old, decaying temple as they progress through this chapter. Players will discover a crank inside, which they must have Sophia turn in order to raise a substantial chandelier. Amicia can then use a small path outside to climb to the roof, shoot the chandelier to bring it closer to her, and use it to smash open some metal doors. Players will then move forward into a new area and begin their journey toward the Fort.

Players will initially observe a fork in the path, at which a small path branches off to the left. If players follow this path, it will curve to the right and eventually reach a cliffside with a view of the water. Players can locate the feather pile near the shore by jumping down and following the stone path around the corner.

Chapter 11 Herbarium (The Cradle Of Centuries)

Item No. 10 in the Herbarium: European Goldfinch (Feather)

Players will find themselves underground midway through the chapter, and in order to blast open a doorway, they will need to light a Greek Fire barrel. Players will be taken to a different room after passing through the first door. There is a second door that must be opened by finding and igniting some Greek Fire.

Players should stand in front of the door and then make a 180-degree turn to face the opposite way before blasting it open. Players should be able to see a Greek Fire barrel hidden behind the wall between some wooden beams if they look toward the back wall. Amicia and her crew can enter a small, dark cave by blasting open this barrel, where they will discover the feather pile on the ground.

Chapter 12 Herbarium (The Life We Deserve)

This chapter contains no items from the Herbarium.

Chapter 13 Herbarium (Nothing Left)

Item No. 11 in the Herbarium: Greylag Goose (Feather)

In Chapter XIII, the final feather is found fairly late. Amicia, Hugo, and Lucas will have to travel through an abandoned village on their way to the docks. The trio will have to cross a large gap through a tower that has fallen over after encountering some guards. After crossing, they’ll pass through a few rooms before coming to a small area with a cart that can be pushed toward a wall nearby. Players should push the cart back toward where they came from rather than pushing it toward the exit. They can jump on the cart and climb a wall there. Greylag Goose feathers can be seen on the left, near a pillar, once they reach the top.

Chapter 14 Herbarium (Healing Our Wounds)

This chapter contains no items from the Herbarium.

Chapter 15 Herbarium (Dying Sun)

This chapter contains no items from the Herbarium.

Chapter 16 Herbarium (King Hugo)

Item No. 12 in the Herbarium: Carnation (Floral)

Near the beginning of Chapter XVI, the final flower for Hugo’s Herbarium is available.In the beginning, players will only need to follow the linear path until Lucas says that something is “surviving.”After that, he will kneel by the flower. Amicia only needs to approach it and pick it up.

Chapter 17 Herbarium (Legacy of De Rune Family)

This chapter contains no items from the Herbarium.

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