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Daniel Dumile was a British-American rapper and record producer who was best known by his stage name MF Doom or simply Doom (both stylized in all caps). He was born on July 13, 1971, and passed away on October 31, 2020. Dumile rose to prominence in 2000s underground and alternative hip hop due to his intricate wordplay, trademark metal mask, and “supervillain” stage persona.

Variety referred to him as one of the “most celebrated, unpredictable, and enigmatic figures” of the scene following his passing.

Dumile moved to Long Island, New York, at a young age after being born in London. He started his vocation in 1988 as an individual from KMD, proceeding as Zev Love X. The gathering disbanded in 1993 upon the passing of part DJ Subroc, Dumile’s sibling.

Dumile came back in the late 1990s after a break. He started out performing at open mics while wearing a metal mask that looked like Doctor Doom, the supervillain from Marvel Comics. Doom appears on the cover of his 1999 debut solo album Operation: Doomsday. He assumed the persona of MF Doom and rarely made public appearances unmasked thereafter.

Dumile released four solo albums and three collaborative albums between 2003 and 2005. He released solo albums under various pseudonyms, including one under the name King Geedorah and two under the name Viktor Vaughn, in addition to the critically acclaimed Mm..Food (2004) under the MF Doom moniker.

The album Madvillainy (2004), which Dumile recorded with producer Madlib under the name Madvillain, is frequently referred to as his masterpiece and is regarded as a seminal work in hip hop. Together with producer Danger Mouse as Danger Doom, Dumile released The Mouse and the Mask in 2005.

Dumile never became an American citizen despite spending the majority of his life there. After returning from a worldwide tour for his sixth and final solo album, Born Like This, in 2010, he was denied reentry. He moved to London, where he worked mostly with other artists in his final years. He released albums with Jneiro Jarel (as JJ Doom), Bishop Nehru (as NehruvianDoom), and Czarface (on Czarface Meets Metal Face and the Super What? album, which came out after his death).

Early life

On July 13, 1971, Dumile was born in Hounslow, London, to a Trinidadian mother and a Zimbabwean father. He was the fifth and eldest child. Dumile asserts that he was conceived in the United States and was born in London while his mother was visiting relatives.

Dumile and his family moved to Long Island, New York, as children; He was raised in New York’s Long Beach. He claimed that neither his parents nor he had any recollection of growing up in London. However, he never became an American citizen and remained a British citizen.

After finishing third grade, Dumile started DJing in the summer. He collected comic books as a child and became known by the nickname “Doom,” which is a phonetic play on the name Dumile.


Dumile’s representative confirmed his death on December 31, 2020, after his wife posted on social media that he had passed away on October 31. The death’s cause of death was omitted.

The instrumental to Dumile’s 2004 track “Rapp Snitch Knishes” was included in President Joe Biden’s playlist for his inauguration. Numerous musicians paid tribute to his work and his passing. Some people disagreed with the decision because Biden was a member of the Obama administration that had prevented Dumile from returning to the United States.

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