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This weekend, continuing its weekly release, Dragon Raja Episode 11 will be available for viewers. Because of its growing popularity since its debut, Dragon Raja Episode 11 is out this week.

Tencent, a well-known gaming company, produced the Donghua called Dragon Raja with the aid of animation from the Studio Garden studio. Jiang Nan’s corresponding novel series serves as the basis for the television show. Back in August 2020, a concept trailer was released to publicize the debut episode of this series.

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Dragon Raja and other ongoing Chinese anime animations made outside of Japan are a source of enjoyment as well. Fans have been appreciating and giving time to producing for some time, and South Korean and Chinese anime and manga series are becoming more popular than others.

With each new episode, Dragon Raja, a well-known continuing Chinese anime, gains more and more popularity. Episodes titled Dragon Raja Episode 0 and Dragon Raja Episode 2, the first episode of the series were initially published on August 19th, 2022.

The series has continued without a pause ever since, with each new episode. Therefore, let’s have a detailed discussion on the eleventh episode of the Dragon Raja, which will air soon. The newest episode’s release date is the first thing that fans are interested in learning. As a result, we’ll let you know exactly when the new Dragon Raja episode will be released and at what time.

As a result of the lack of information on the internet, fans are puzzled about where they can watch the newest episodes of Dragon Raja. Therefore, we will also tell you about it. Let’s get started with it now without further ado.

Release Date And Time Of Dragon Raja

Since the Chinese anime servers are extremely secret and only available in certain regions of China, there are no official means to confirm the premiere date of the next episode. The manner in which the new episodes of the show are published, however, has a pattern.

Dragon Raja’s first episode debuted on August 19, 2022, on Friday, along with episodes 0 and 2. As previously indicated, this was also the day when Dragon Raja Episode 1 debuted. The fresh episodes of Dragon Raja began airing every Friday for the next week after the aforementioned episodes were released.

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That Dragon Raja Episode 10, the most recent episode of the show, debuted last Friday, October 14, and Episode 11 of the show is scheduled to debut on Friday, October 2, 2022.

Regarding the air dates for the new Dragon Raja episode, they were also made available at the same time as the previous ones. Therefore, it is anticipated that Dragon Raja Episode 11 would debut at around 10:00 CST.

Where To Stream Dragon Raja?

Due to the fact that Dragon Raja is a Chinese production, its new episodes will initially air on Chinese local networks. Soon, viewers will be able to watch the latest episodes of the show online.

The Tencent Video Client service offers fresh episodes of Dragon Raja for viewing. However, you will be required to cover the service’s minimal monthly cost.

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