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MapleStory and MapleStory M, celebrated their fifth annual MapleStory Fest this past weekend, with an all-day streaming and in-person live event packed with activities and game announcements, including news surrounding the November 17 “Ignition” update for MapleStory and upcoming Explorer class revamp for MapleStory M. A limited drop of MapleStory x Champion merchandise was also offered for sale during MapleStory Fest.

During the all-day event, host/emcee Adam Kruger delighted the sold-out crowd and talked to community managers and senior producer about the serious fun of working on the MapleStory franchise of games. Adam also introduced the audience to members of Bean Brigade, a dedicated community of MapleStory influencers, who were on hand to meet and greet other Maplers as well as answer questions, demonstrate their in-game techniques, and talk bossing strategies. The six-hour event featured multiple game announcements, trivia, exclusive reveals of in-game reward packages for both MapleStory and MapleStory M, and on-site activities designed around one theme: celebrating Maplers of all ages. A sneak peek of the upcoming MapleStory Worlds creation platform was also shown to audiences at the venue and watching online.

The jam-packed day concluded with the thrilling finale of MapleStory Boss Blitz tournament, capping off three weeks of Twitch streams between three teams of new-to-MapleStory players Peterpark, Blaustoise, Zizaran, and Bajheera, as they prepared for the ultimate bossing showdown live on stage at MapleStory Fest. In the end, Team Orange Mushroom (Savix and Stooppz, coached by Bean Brigade member Mimi) took the trophy as winners of the first-ever MapleStory Boss Blitz competition.


During the MapleStory M panel, audiences got a glimpse of the new Explorer Remaster update, including its new artistic design direction, revamped skills, and improved skill animations for all Explorer classes.

On the MapleStory front, Cygnus Knights Redux was spotlighted as Cygnus Knights classes are remastered, including updated skill animations. A first-of-its-kind Hyper Burning event was also announced that allows Maplers to level their characters three times as fast as normal – all the way up to Level 250! And showcased in a unique new map outside of Maple World, Misty Island Legacy arrives in the second half of MapleStory’s ”Ignition” update coming in December. Part survival, part resource gathering, part tower defense… Misty Island Legacy is unlike anything released before in MapleStory.

MapleStory Fest 2022 was generously sponsored by our Boss Blitz peripheral partner Hyper-X, giveaway partner Omen Gaming Hub, with beverage partners ZENWTR and Barcode performance beverage.

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With so many events and updates, there’s never been a better time to delve into the Maple World of your choice!

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