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My Mixtapez It is a unique music player, compatible with Android devices for Android 2.3.3 and above. It is completely free and is an online music library with various music genres such as R&B, Hip-Hop and more.

This music app is a music social network that promises to bring the hottest and exclusive songs to users. Install the app on your device and start exploring a series of never-before-seen songs, artists, DJs, producers and groups. Especially, people can quickly share their favorite tunes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

My Mixtapez provides users with a collection of music in different genres, such as rap, R&B, and hip-hop. You can easily update the latest trends, discover the albums of unknown artists and enjoy many unofficial albums of a confident singer. In particular, the app also supports push notifications on the phone’s home screen, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on any of the latest hits.

The free version of My Mixtapez will include in-app ads. Users can upgrade to My Mixtapez version to experience more exciting features.

general information

My Mixtapez is a modern music and audio platform. It allows you to upload and store audio content, discover new songs and podcasts, or connect with fans (if you are a singer, professional or amateur) and other musicians. You can even stream music if you use My Mixtapez. If you are new to SoundCloud, this section will help you better understand some information about My Mixtapez.

As mentioned earlier, My Mixtapez is an online platform that specializes in music and audio. They claim to be the world’s largest music and audio platform, and have been officially in operation since 2011. My Mixtapez serves many people, and for many different purposes. Some will use it to store music and audio; Others consider it a great place to download and stream podcasts; Also, My Mixtapez also serves as a place where musicians can communicate directly with fans and hear their opinions on the songs they just posted.

My Mixtapez is an open platform. Some audio streaming and hosting services have strict terms of use, which creates complex barriers between users and their content. For My Mixtapez, they are always looking for ways to improve and make sharing and streaming audio easy and transparent.

My Mixtapez is similar to SoundCloud (which specializes in music, not videos) in that everyone can upload their own content. And when it’s left in a public place, everyone else can find and listen to that content. Emerging musicians often put their music on My Mixtapez. Podcasts often share their programming on My Mixtapez, while audio engineers usually upload their audio projects or auditions.

This list does not stop here. You can explore it gradually while using My Mixtapez. In short, My Mixtapez is a content repository related to all kinds of sounds that you can easily find and stream anytime you have on the internet.

How to use My Mixtapez Premium APK?

So far, My Mixtapez works on six platforms: Web (, iOS (Free, download from App Store), Android (Free, download from Play Store), Windows 10 (in beta), Xbox One ( Free, you can download it from the Xbox App Store) and Sonos. Soon, My Mixtapez will also support the Google Home platform.

If you create an account or log in (if you already have one), type in the search box what you want. It can be a song, artist name, podcast name, etc. My Mixtapez displays a list of results, which you can click to listen to. If you don’t know what you’re listening to, My Mixtapez has a popular playlist chart, containing 50 popular songs that you can listen to and follow.

Signing up for an account on My Mixtapez couldn’t be easier either. You can use your Facebook or Google account or any email address. Once registered, you can find musicians and singers you love or listen to and follow My Mixtapez’s recommendations.

My Mixtapez Premium APK It is a paid service only for content creators. According to My Mixtapez, 175 million users listen to music on their platform every month. Content creators can pay to upload more content and keep track of more statistical information about their content. If you want to stream a week long podcast or want to share an amazing rock album that you took so much effort to complete, then subscribe to My Mixtapez Premium APK.

Special Features

In-app navigation

The My Mixtapez platform shines on mobile. Once inside, you will notice that the app contains the following main sections, which are used to navigate things.

  • residence: It’s a personalized news feed that shows tracks posted and reposted by other My Mixtapez users you follow. You can listen, post again, add any song to your playlist, and start a station right from within your news feed.
  • seek: If you’re looking for a specific user or track, you can use the app’s search function to find what you want to hear.
  • Collection: It’s the tab where you can access all your favorite songs and playlists. You can also view your profile by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • music player: This tab will appear when playing a track. It allows you to access everything you listen to while browsing other accounts in the app.
  • Stream: From the Home tab, you can click the arrow above the Broadcast section to browse for directions. You can also browse different types of music and other types of audio content.

Use the app to have a great listening experience.

You can use the app whenever you want, but here are the three main ways to get the most out of My Mixtapez:

  • Follow users you want to discover new tracks: when you click on a username, you will be taken to their profile to see what they are posting and their playlist. You can follow them as you would on any other social network. And the tracks they publish or share will appear in your feed.
  • Create custom playlists: When listening to a favorite track, you can click the three dots to add it to any playlist. You can create as many playlists as you want, then leave them public for other users to enjoy, or keep them private for your use only.
  • Start a station to listen to many similar songs: when you don’t have the time or patience to carefully select the tracks you want in a private playlist. You can click on the three dots in any song you want. And let the app play a station with similar pieces. After that, you can always access the latest stations from the profile.

creative interface

My Mixtapez mobile app has a clean interface that is easy to use and does not confuse you with many features. Some users may be wondering how much it can do. Here are some additional features that you can do on My Mixtapez when you log into your web account at

  • Download or buy music
  • Upload your tracks
  • Message other users
  • Join groups
  • Receive notifications from users who interact with you

Benefits of My Mixtapez

What do we need in a music streaming app? It should have a rich music store, smart playlist, excellent sound quality or easy to use. After each update, we feel this app is more worthwhile. From our point of view, we would like to share my experience with My Mixtapez.

multi platform

Like other music streaming services, My Mixtapez is available on almost every platform, such as iOS, Android, Windows, browser, and Xbox. Just a joint account. No matter where you listen, your playlist will always be updated with the latest.

Apple Music, Spotify, and many other services cater to this as well, so it doesn’t sound very impressive. However, this must be mentioned as it is indispensable for any music player. My Mixtapez is more of a social music network than Apple Music, Spotify, or SoundCloud. It contains many points that encourage users to create their own content or share useful content with friends.

The other side is the cost. If you like to listen to music, you will not spend any fees. Despite being free, the web and app interfaces are ad-free and the inclusion of ads in content that looks like Spotify is something we appreciate at My Mixtapez. But if you are an owner or artist uploaded to music, spend a small amount of money to expand the support function.

Versatile music storage with all genres

It doesn’t matter whether the music is copyrighted. My Mixtapez music store is a sympathetic response to music lovers, and we believe it will also satisfy many other users. For people who listen to a lot of music from the US and UK to Korea, including underground, rap and rock, My Mixtapez still caters to broad listening needs.

Coming back to the copyright issues, in My Mixtapez there are still a lot of artists uploading their music, and all of these sources are prevalent. However, there are a lot of songs that are being recorded and played back. These songs often have few views and interactions, so you can skip songs like that.

Something so broad it’s hard to control. To listen to high-quality music, we must choose the songs with the best songs, favorite songs (such as downloading apps on Android) and popular unloading programs. The indie music that many of you can listen to on YouTube are also many songs downloaded from My Mixtapez.

Well-managed playlists and smart music suggestions

It is a rare occurrence in the free service. Spotify is inherently expensive but still used by many people, just because it can create playlists to suit the listener’s taste while also intelligently recommending other songs.

Like when you go to market, choose the shirt by yourself, and when you go to famous stores, there will be staff to help you. At this point, My Mixtapez does a great job.

Every time we listen, we will listen online from our favorite playlist. The excellent point is that we hear songs a lot. It will be recorded implicitly. Then from that song, it will suggest another playlist with similar content and genre.

For a self-generated playlist, we find it suitable for up to 80%. Even after playing the playlist, if we keep listening to it, the songs will add themselves automatically without manual modification.

Major defects

If you want to listen to pure American-British music, you can use Apple Music or Spotify. However, if you have diverse musical tastes that listen to all kinds of things, My Mixtapez is an excellent app.

Many excellent songs are only available on My Mixtapez that are difficult to find in other services, such as self-covering songs, self-recorded audio songs, songs of young authors, etc.

Share more about music quality. We can say that the quality of this service is uneven. Good. Obviously, with part of a pure music streaming app, it doesn’t require very high quality like Audiophile.

It is easy to understand because this is a free service, the amount of music downloaded on My Mixtapez is minimal, and by default, it is just an online listening service. There are still third party websites that allow you to download your favorite music from My Mixtapez.

But it is very annoying and laborious. We always underestimate the use of something third party. However, this may not be a problem for office people when this network connection is still available. Overall, it is undeniable that this is the weak point of this app.

last words

My Mixtapez is understood as a mobile platform that allows others to upload audio tracks to store and share with everyone. With the most powerful tool in the search box, every time a searcher types any keyword to find a specific person or song, this system will come up with a series of results returned.

Above are our posts about the My Mixtapez app. We see that people use this service a lot, so sometimes we wonder why they gave up on this great service. How about you guys, share your likes or dislikes on My Mixtapez? Why not try this service? Maybe you will love it?