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Playing Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord requires exploring the game’s vast advantage. There are different aspects to consider to become a good player in this game.

This RPG will have to revive your strategy making skills as well as your creativity and decision making skills.

As a novice player, you may still be confused about the concepts of the game. To give you an idea, we have prepared this brief guide to help you start your journey in this game.

The best factions to choose | Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord’s skill and building guide

Before you start and finally jump into the real adventure that awaits you, you must first prepare yourself and your character.

An example of the initial requirements here is choosing the perfect faction for you.


In this game, the first thing you have to think about is which faction you want to belong to. You will get six choices which are Flanders, Sturgeans, Empire, Asrae, Josette, or blankets.

The importance of choosing factions lies in the power they give you. Each faction culture has its own effect on the character.

Having said that, you have to know the strength of each faction’s culture and weigh them all to choose what you think best.

Here are some short details to give you ideas for each culture.


When choosing the land of Sturgia, you will get an advantage in recruiting and upgrading the infantry. Compared to others, your price will be 25% cheaper. Additionally, your armies will lose 20% less than their daily cohesion.

However, you will get an additional 20% relationship penalty from kingdom decisions.


If you choose Josette, you will benefit in such a way that it is 10% cheaper to recruit and upgrade knights.

You will also get a 25% production bonus for horses, cows, and sheep within the villages under Khozet rulers. The only drawback with this faction is that you will get 20% lower tax income than cities.


However, if you choose this culture, it will give you a 50% lower speed penalty and a 15% visibility bonus if you are in the woods. Each town owned by a Pattani ruler will have +1 produce a militia.

The only drawback to choosing this is a 10% slower building rate for city projects in settlements.


If you become a member of the Aserai faction, you will not get any speed penalty in the desert. Additionally, caravans are 30% cheaper to build, and there is a 10% commercial fine.

The problem is that your soldiers in the party will raise their daily pay by 5%.


Being part of Vlandia will give you a 10% production bonus for villages associated with castles. You will also be more famous by 5% of the battles. In addition, you will get an additional 15% income while working as a mercenary.

On the other hand, recruiting Lords into armies will cost you 20% more impact.


Finally, being in the Empires will give you 20% less garrison wages. You will also bring 25% more effect if you are in an army.

However, there is a 20% reduction in village stoves.


Source: ESO

The next thing you need to know and familiarize yourself with is the skill system of the game.

Basically, in order to level up a skill, you just have to use it over and over again. The more you use it, the more chance you have of getting other perks and attributes.

Below the skill level, you will see a plus icon, this is called focus point. You can add focus points to speed up the development of your skills.

In return, you can earn Focus Points each time you upgrade your level as well as your training abilities.

Source: ESO

If you add a focus point, you will see a portion highlighted in green in the area shown in the image. This green area is called the learning limit. If you have this, you can improve your skills faster.

The skills you might want to focus on are your own combat skills And the Riding skills.

If you succeed in improving your skills, you will be able to unlock a specific feature of your choice. For each level upgrade, you will get two options of perks where at most you can choose the one that best suits your character and your playing style.