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Playing the piano has never been easier Magic piano by Smule. If you are a pianist, you will find this application useful. You can practice controlling pitch, tempo, tempo, and singing together. It can be very useful.

But if you are a fan of this game and don’t know much about music, that’s fine too. You can learn from the lower levels, and then enjoy the feeling that the game gives you. It seems fun. Magic piano does not require complex skills from players. You will get better over time as you practice.

Moreover, you can play this game anytime and anywhere as long as you download the app on your phone. This is a game for all ages, from children to adults. Because music has no limits. You can enhance your creativity and expression. This is actually a game that can connect the world through music.

To read more details about Magic Piano, you can follow my review below.

How does the game work?

The Magic Piano is an app that lets you play the piano to whatever sounds you can think of. You can choose your song and then tap the screen to play the beats, aiming for little green and yellow dots. You have to set their time correctly and close enough and you get your points.

At first, just play the songs for fun, without any points or goals. After you finish a song, you can share your achievement on Facebook or Twitter. But now they have added a new feature with points and levels. If you want to get more features, you may need to get smoola or spend some money to get it. But this app is not expensive at all.


This game offers great features that you may want to consider:

different levels

This game offers different levels of difficulties. It can be difficult at times. But you can always choose the difficulty settings on and off the game mode, and go back to the classic mode. In this, you will be allowed to choose the perfect pitch that will let you go to rock and go crazy.

Provide all kinds of music

It has been great for me in terms of the choice of music available. Basically, every taste for music can be satisfied when you come to Magic Piano. They have a very good selection of music straight into the video game titles.

Mario, Final fantasy or some other famous and classic characters can be found on Magic Piano. The arrangements are well composed. From classic songs to pop songs, all of it can be found in this app.

You have a job wise

The magic piano flows well. However, sometimes, there may be some difficulties now and then. If there are a lot of notes hitting at the same time, it will lag a little, but not by much though.

There are green and yellow dots. Green is the single key and yellow is the chorus. According to the songs. Some ask you to press several fingers per chord.

In terms of menu, they give you different options. You can choose a “solo” function if you want to have a freestyle and play by yourself. If you want to find a list of all the songs of your choice, go to the “Songbook” button. They have a duet. In fact, partners anywhere around the world who have this app can play with you as well.

Then we go to the “world” function. brings the world and then you can find a person randomly. After you touch it to choose a person to listen to, it will load, you can “flip” it or press “next” to move one to the next person.

Express Yourself

Basically, you control the notes, rhythm and tempo of this game. You can choose to play along with the singer’s voice. More than that, you can create your own music with their own composer. You can try to let yourself get creative and shine at least once. You will love this game.

Get the game for free

The fact that you can get this game for free is a huge plus. It’s a great game. But in order to get all the songs you want, you will need to spend some smoola which is the app currency. You can also pay real money. It is relatively inexpensive. However, there are nice features that you can earn for free. They also have a free song every day that players can download.

So after a week or two, you’ll already have a lot of good gongs without spending on getting any smoola. However, the app does not support Android running Android OS lower than 4.1 anymore.

Picture and sound quality


The colors that appear in the app blend well. They look happy and cheerful. It is clear that everything is organized and tidy. Could you Change the position of the instruments to organ pipe, harpsichord, and others. She looks very friendly and nice.

sound / music

The sound of the app is great. There is a large selection of options for you. You can choose some old classic songs for some of the latest songs in the pop chart. You can even create your own list. The music sounds great. The rhythms and tempo of the songs can be adjusted as you like. It can become very interesting when they add a creative touch to well known songs and one player can get a lot of applause from other players in the game.

last thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional music player or not. As long as you are interested in music and want to try playing music, this is the app for you. And if you have kids who love to play the piano, you can also consider this as an option.

With today’s modern technology, everything is possible with just a smartphone. Find this free app, install it, then you can play. This is a perfect game to relax and boost your creativity. Why don’t you try it now?