Link LIT killah The Game MOD APK 3.7.1 Download (Unlimited Money) for Android Free

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Hip-hop fans are sure to be impressed by this exciting game of music and casual haptic feedback LIT killah the game. Join your favorite rapper on his ultimate in-game journeys in LIT killah The Game and explore the fantastic game world as you progress. Enjoy authentic LIT killah rap experiences with engaging animations and immersive visuals.

Enjoy exploring the wonderful game world, which will allow players to enjoy the music and immerse themselves in amazing rap challenges. Experience great rhythms from the greatest hits of the famous artist as well as many available tracks from other rappers. At the same time, also put your musical reflexes to the test as you take part in the awesome mobile title.

Find out more about this interesting game from Game Ever Studio without full reviews.

story / gameplay

Here at LIT killah The Game, Android players can easily engage in awesome in-game adventures with your favorite rapper – LIT killah. Enjoy exciting rap challenges while also enjoying the fun play of musical feedback. Test the coordination between your ear, eye and fingers in many exciting levels, each offering unique and exciting experiences.

Feel free to engage in your ultimate rap journeys with funny music play and casual touch fun. Explore great game modes with interesting adventures, where you can enjoy the most famous LIT killah songs, including “Bufón”, “Apaga el Celular”, “Si Te Vas” and many other amazing tunes.

Meanwhile, for those who are interested, you can join friends and online players from all over the world on many exciting rap journeys, which will put you in touch with the mobile title.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive touch controls

First of all, Android players in LIT killah The Game can now enjoy simple and intuitive touch controls in the game, which will allow them to work comfortably with synchronized songs. Simply tap on incoming notes to accurately recreate them on the touch music panel. Enjoy playing great songs with touches of rhythm matching.

Interesting levels in the game for players to enjoy

Immerse yourself in the amazing gameplay of LIT killah The Game with more than 50 interesting levels for Android players to freely test their skills and abilities. Explore exciting challenges with different rhythms, tempo settings, and equally satisfying gameplay.

Always enjoy the game with different levels of difficulty

At the same time, to make sure that the game always remains fun, LIT killah The Game will offer 12 different difficulty mode, which will allow Android players to have the most fun with their musical adventures. Feel free to unlock exciting levels with more addictive gameplay, as you progress.

Interesting outfits for players to take advantage of

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the fun costumes in the game, which will offer great customizations for your characters. Enjoy dress up LIT killah with new clothes, interesting outfits and many unique accessories. Advance in the game and unlock more items in your wardrobe. All this will allow them to have the most fun with the mobile address.

Enjoy customizing your avatar

At the same time, when you go online and enjoy the fun of rapping with friends and online players, LIT killah The Game will allow you to freely customize your avatars. Feel free to choose your favorite pictures and profile pictures, which will allow players to enjoy their great game on mobile.

Enjoy creating your own custom levels

Also, if you want to customize your dancing and rape gameplay in LIT killah The Game, it is also possible for players to experience interesting level customizations. Here, you can easily change the songs, their tempo, and many other aspects, which would make playing musical reflexes more enjoyable.

Complete the awesome dares to get your exclusive accessories

To make the game more exciting, the Android players of LIT killah The Game will now have the chance to really enjoy the great mobile title by completing their different dares with other players. Enjoy challenging each other to awesome rape and dance matches. Compete in the leaderboards and collect your own rewards.

free to play

And despite all the exciting in-game features, Android players can still enjoy their free LIT killah The Game on Google Play Store, no payment required. Feel free to unlock the interesting levels and enjoy the many features available in the game.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay on our site

At the same time, for those of you who are having problems with unwanted in-game ads and in-app purchases, you can also enjoy the free and unlocked version of the game on our website. You only need to download a file LIT killah The Game Mod APK, follow the instructions provided, and start enjoying the many free features. Feel free to unlock unlimited money and play without ads whenever you want.

Picture and sound quality


With brilliant 3D graphics and interesting visual effects, LIT killah The Game will allow Android gamers to enjoy their exciting music play to the fullest. Enjoy discovering many interesting elements within the game and get involved in the amazing stages. Experiment with the unique settings in the game and enjoy the realistic animations. All of this will keep you connected to the music game.

sound and music

With fun sound effects and amazing songs, the game will allow Android players to truly enjoy their musical journeys. Enjoy high quality audio, especially with your headphones available, as it enhances your in-game experience.

last thoughts

Fans of the classic dance game and the haptic feedback of Just Dance Now will enjoy this new game from Game Ever Studio. Not only will you be able to join your favorite artist in his new adventures, but the exciting levels will also impress you with its interesting gameplay.