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Join thousands from all over the world in the most exciting and addictive defense game for Android devices, Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Test your skills and strategic abilities with exotic monsters and challenging terrains to defend. What will you do in this case? Learn about this great game with our comprehensive review.

a story

The game takes place in a fantasy world where you are surrounded by strange creatures that constantly threaten the well-being of your people. In addition, enemies from the surrounding lands are also trying to invade and enslave your people.

It’s time to take up arms and build your defense. You will have access to dozens of different fire powers that can cause devastating damage to enemies. Make sure you are using it well.

On top of that, you will need to earn money to upgrade and repair your defense regularly. Look for new technologies as they will be very useful in slowing down the progress of your enemies. And when the time comes, make sure you’re well prepared to tackle giant bosses who might take down whatever gets in their way. Defend your land and bring glory to your people.

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Here are some features that may definitely interest you:

Useful reinforcements to deal with powerful enemies

If you’ve been playing a tower defense game long enough, you’ll know that there is nothing that can count as ultimate defense. Most of the time, your facilities and economic strength will not allow you to build more towers and do more upgrades. Thus, dealing with the swamps of incoming enemies is never an easy task.

Fortunately, in Kingdome Rush Frontiers, you will have access to many powerful abilities that can greatly enhance the strength of your towers and troops, or cause devastating damage to enemies. Hence, make sure you keep a few of these in your inventory before starting a hard level.

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Different terrains with different challenges

With dozens of different stages consisting of different maps with different environments and enemies, you have to be very flexible when dealing with changes. Creating a proper strategy quickly to deal with the different challenges that come with each map is the main factor that will help you to win the match.

Different towers with different powers

Of course, you will have a lot of towers to play with, it is a tower defense game. However, in Kingdom Rush Frontier, each tower is relatively different from the others as it has completely different traits, abilities, and abilities. Moreover, you will also have access to different upgrades depending on your fighting styles and the styles of your enemies.

There are currently 18 different abilities that you can grant to towers. Make sure to do this wisely to boost their efficiency during battles.

Unique enemies with different powers

However, the game will never be so entertaining and exciting if your enemies are too weak. However, in Kingdome Rush Frontiers, you will have to deal with more than 40 different types of monsters that are trying to destroy your towers. Each of them comes with powerful abilities that can wreak havoc among your line of defenses.

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Different strategies to deal with specific enemies

To deal with enemies that have advantages in number and strength, you must do a good job of organizing defense. Make sure to choose the right turrets for specific enemies to deal the most damage. Moreover, the towers also need to be in a good location so that you can have the best coverage of the battlefield. This way you won’t waste a single bullet or missile.

In the addons, you can choose to upgrade certain towers to their maximum strength or vice versa depending on the type of enemies. Also, you should also consider the terrain on each map as they can be the deciding factors.

The game also provides a group of powerful heroes that will provide you with great help when dealing with powerful enemies. Since you can only select a limited number of heroes, make sure you choose the right ones to give you great help during the match.

Incredible heads

Apart from the already annoying minions, you will have to face much bigger threats as enemy bosses. They are usually giant monsters with incredible powers as well as an unlimited amount of health. Hence, it takes smart strategy and a lot of firepower to deal with them. However, having to deal with these giant enemies makes the game more challenging and exciting at the same time.

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Various game modes and difficulties

You will most likely not get bored when playing Kingdome Rush Frontiers, as the game features up to 3 exciting game modes. Thus, you can test your skills in classic, iron and heroic matches. In the extras, for those who have already mastered the easy and normal level, you can go to the hard mode which will provide a lot of challenging gameplay.

Dozens of achievements

To give your team more useful boosts as well as money for upgrades, you can choose to complete the dozens of achievements they offer in-game. Although it will take some time to complete, you can access incredible rewards.

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The game has a simple but still captivating art style. The great graphics and character designs help give the game a good impression of a wild land with ferocious savages. On the other hand, the towers are well designed and designed, you can see the great details from each building.

With a large map and a large top-down view, players can have a good observation of the battlefield. Thanks to detailed visual effects, enemy movements can be easily detected and you can come up with solutions instantly.

Last but not least, fire powers, magic strikes, and physical attacks are highly depicted in a friendly cartoonish style. Thus, making the game relatively playable for people of all ages.

last thoughts

With great gameplay, many discoverable features, and great graphics, you will find Kingdome Rush Frontiers very fun and addictive.

How to install Kingdom Rush Frontiers APK with OBB data file

  1. APK Install it on your device, do not open the application.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /sdcard/android/obb/ Make sure that the OBB file ( sitting inside Folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Kingdom Rush Frontiers latest 5.8.02 Android APK

Any Android devices using Android 4.2 and above are able to download and install this game. You can start by going to and searching for the keyword “Kingdom Rush Frontiers APK” in the Games category.