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Updated October 27, 2022 by Ernie

 Is Yuji Itadori the mastermind behind everything in Jujutsu Kaisen? Before bashing me in the comments, just hear me out.  But before getting into the video, let’s just talk about JJK in general. Jujutsu Kaisen is the like the Big Three of the new era. Back then, whenever a new anime came out, people instinctively compared it to Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Bleach. And now, people compare it to JJK. It’s crazy!! Gege has set the bar too high for other anime to catch up. The manga these days is going absolutely CRAZYYYY!! Even though we haven’t seen Yuji in a while, the plot is still BONKERS!! Gege’s pen is literally spitting fire these days (Well! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this arc to be this good)

We recently got a new visual for the 2nd season as well. I mean, everything is going our way and I’m absolutely loving it!!!

Anyways, getting back to the topic. Have you guys ever wondered about the ending of JJK? Fans have been thinking about it a lot and given that Gege has already planned to end the manga in a year or two, the plot is definitely nearing its climax. Despite being this far into the story, fans have no idea what’ll happen next. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

Warning! This video contains potential spoilers from this point forward. 

The thing that’s troubling me the most is Yuji

You might ask why? Well! Gege told us that he had already planned out an ending for all the characters except Yuji. I mean, it does sound a bit suspicious, right? He’s the FREAKING MC!!! It’s like Gege is trying to fool all of us. He’s planning something big with him. And the fact that we haven’t seen him in the manga for quite some time now makes it even more suspicious. It’s been 267 days (To be exact!) 

Let’s just get started with it. I’ll explain both the pros and cons of this theory.

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What is an Imposter?

I believe that Yuji is an IMPOSTER!!!! But first, lemme explain what an imposter is. An imposter is someone whose fate/personality is the exact opposite of what we believe. Yuji is supposed to be the protagonist of a SHOUNEN MANGA. Most people think that shounen protags are heroes who fight for justice and save people and this is what Gege has made us believe Yuji is. He has high morals and cares a lot about his friends. But, if you are caught up with the manga, you’ll see that he’s unlike other Shounen MCs. He’s different!!w


Yuji’s Past

Even though he is the MC, we know absolutely nothing about him. No backstory, no NOTHING!! I mean, it is pretty odd. We’ve seen the backstories of Gojo, Megumi, and Nobara. Even the side characters as well. We know just one thing and that is Itadori is related to the villain of this story, Kenjaku, and that too in a weird way. Itadori is basically an experiment. We don’t even know what makes him compatible with Sukuna. And I don’t think Gege just forgot to tell us about his backstory. All of this serves a purpose and I’m sure it’ll heavily influence the plot. 

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Yuji’s Unnatural Reaction to the Jujutsu World and Cursed Spirits

Now, how is Yuji an imposter? You guys must’ve observed this thing as well that Yuji’s response to cursed energy, cursed spirits, and Jujutsu was just too casual. It was like his consciousness already knew about this stuff. He was just re-experiencing this stuff. If we compare Yuji to Yuta Okkutsu, Yuta’s reaction was wayyyy more realistic. He actually looked like someone who is new to the Jujutsu world. What’s more interesting is that Yuji’s transition from being a normal student to a Jujutsu sorcerer happened in a single day. He lost his grandpa, his normal school life, and he was like “OKAY” it doesn’t really matter. I’d be devastated if all of this happened to me. 

Let’s just talk about the first episode. Yuji and his friends found Sukuna’s finger. Before this, they had absolutely ZERO contact with curses. Yuji’s friends were able to see curses because they touched Sukuna’s finger. He was also able to see them as he was in a near-death situation. (It has already been explained that in a near-death experience, you can see curses). But, the suspicious thing here is how did he know that curses were on the second floor? Well! He could’ve just heard noises, but what about his timing and the exact location? It was just flawless. And when he fought them, he already knew where to strike them. I get that he is physically strong and adept at fighting, but fighting a spirit is definitely different from fighting a human. I also believe that Yuji is a reincarnation or he is hiding his identity like Kenjaku. Unlike other cursed wombs, Yuji was allowed to live a normal life. Why? Because he was SPECIAL. He was unlike other cursed wombs.


Memory Manipulation Theory

There is also a theory called Memory Manipulation, according to which Yuji has memory manipulation. I know this theory is a bit old. However, in case you have been living under a rock and don’t know what it is, I’ll tell you a bit about it. This theory basically explains how Yuji has a secret curse ability to alter memories to his favour. It has been rejected by many people but I’ve added a new point. There is a huge possibility that Yuji altered his own memories and made himself do the things he was supposed to, making it seem like he’s a normal human. Or maybe there’s some other curse user with this ability working with Geto. There are countless possibilities.


Yuji’s Insane Ability to Heal From Trauma

Still not convinced? Here is another point. Yuji doesn’t look like someone who has suffered a lot. He heals from Trauma too quickly. He saw his sensei getting turned to ashes in front of him and his best friend getting shot in the eye. He was also responsible for the massacre of thousands of people in Shibuya. If I were in his place, I would have killed myself. I know MCs suffer a lot. Luffy lost Ace and Naruto lost both Jiraiya and Neji. But, what Yuji has suffered is just too much. And still, he is somehow hanging on. I mean, it shouldn’t be possible. It’s almost like he was programmed to experience such things. As time passes by, these unusual traits become even more evident. 


Cons of this Theory

Some people might say that all of these things are normal shounen troupes. If Yuji wasn’t there to save his friends, the story wouldn’t have existed! JJK is one of the very few manga without any significant plot holes. All things happen for a reason in this manga.Gege is not a fool. I’m sure he is planning something big and he will shock us all. 

If you don’t want to call Yuji a villain, you can just call him ANTI-HERO. There will come a time when he’ll shatter. 



Anyways, what do y’all think of this theory? I’m sure there are some flaws in it. A theory is basically something fans want to see. Lastly, this is just a THEORY!!! It might come true or I can be entirely wrong. Who knows. Hope you enjoyed the video. Ohhh! About the memory manipulation theory, we’ll talk about it in another video.

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