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Find yourself exploring the amazing and beautiful world of the medieval era in hungry dragonAnd this time, feel free to explore and experience the unique and fun gameplay that will surely interest you. Play as hungry dragons roaming the air and swallowing everything in their path. Explore the vast and addictive gameplay on your mobile devices whenever you have the time.

Immerse yourself in the atmospheric and fun worlds of the medieval era, encounter all kinds of interesting opponents as you eat them. Face all kinds of interesting challenges that occur in multiple environments and environments. And of course, feel free to enjoy the game with friends and online players whenever you have time.

Find out more about this amazing mobile title from Ubisoft Entertainment with our reviews.

a story

Immerse yourself in this great game of big fish and small fish in the Hungry Dragon as you control your epic fire-breathing creature through a series of epic in-game challenges. Make use of your incredible power to break through the defenses of the enemies and consume everything that is placed in your way. Unlock awesome and epic fire breathing techniques as you take down your enemies effectively.

Your ultimate goal will be to keep your hunger level under control, and at the same time, take advantage of the boosts offered and in-game features to unlock new powers and evolution forms for your dragons. Feel free to choose between different types of dragons, each with their own unique powers and abilities.

Complete a series of interesting challenges in the game. Achieve certain goals in each level as you take your dragon into a new world full of fun and frenzy of big fish and small fish. Play with friends and other players as you all compete for those amazing dragons.


Here you will find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple, intuitive and very fun gameplay

First of all, Android players in Hungry Dragon will surely find themselves exploring the fun and exciting gameplay where you will be able to roam freely in the lands, causing terror to others, and developing your own powerful dragons.

Enjoy immersive gameplay as you freely control Hungry Dragons to effectively dodge enemy attacks, devour everything in your path, and eliminate monsters, creatures, animals and even humans on the way.

Hungry Dragon Screen 1

A variety of different dragons and interesting power-ups

For those of you who are interested, you will also find the Hungry Dragon to be very fun and exciting, especially with its huge collection of majestic dragons. Here, you will find yourself gathering fierce creatures, each with their own unique traits and powers. Take advantage of flying breathing techniques to melt and vaporize your enemies. Or unlock an amazing ice dragon and freeze your enemies to death.

Meet a variety of different dragons, each with their own unique designs, and soar freely over the sky with them. Feel free to unlock multiple outfits and customizations on your dragons as you go. You can fly faster, burn stronger, shoot faster, move with caution, and become the ultimate ruler of both heaven and earth.

Moreover, there are also a variety of different pets and creatures that can be on your list. Bring them along with your terrifying dragons as you use them to effectively polish their powers. Increase the abilities of your dragons as you effectively defeat your enemies.

And most importantly, to increase the abilities of your dragons, it is necessary that they be properly equipped with useful items, and at the same time, make sure that your dragons are properly fed. Collect enough food from the delicious prey in the sky. Defeat other big monsters. And even feed on the townspeople and others to grow your dragon. Grow and evolve as you unlock new powers on your monster.

Hungry Dragon Screen 3

Enjoy immersive smashing experiences with your adorable creatures

For those of you who are interested, Hungry Dragon players will also find themselves with access to epic and immersive experiences of destruction. Face the game’s epic challenges of destruction as you roam medieval worlds while searching for food.

Fly and explore the world of villages, forests, hills and cities. Feel free to dive into the awesome in-game destruction, where you will be able to eliminate all kinds of interesting structures and obstacles along the way. Keep feeding the prey and other creatures while aiming for the highest score in the game. Be the ultimate power in your own medieval world without restrictions.

Eat things while taking multiple goals

And to help you on your journey of terror and destruction, players in Hungry Dragon will also find themselves collecting and enjoying a splendid BBQ spree and liberating actions in epic 3D worlds.

Take advantage of the many skills and abilities available with your dragons to effectively absorb them and feed on your prey. Unleash your breath of fire, ice, lightning, and many other interesting attacks on enemies as you progress.

As you progress, players in Hungry Dragon will also find themselves challenged by monsters and enemies from various origins. Fight medieval soldiers, monsters, trolls, witches, and others who are trying to stop you and avoid their fate from being devoured.

Hungry Dragon Screen 2

Unleash legendary creatures and gain new powers

For those of you who are interested, Hungry Dragon players will also have access to the great game of collecting these mysterious creatures. With hundreds of different original types as well as interesting hybrids, Android players will also find themselves exploring the epic and special powers on each of their dragons.

Enjoy the game with friends and online players

And to make the game more exciting, Hungry Dragons players are also allowed to immerse themselves in awesome in-game challenges with their friends and online players. Feel free to enjoy your favorite little fish game to the fullest while competing in the ultimate tournaments. Move to the top of the legendary leagues as you defeat your friends and enemies. And of course, you get access to many rewards within the game.

Hungry Dragon Screen 4

free to play

For those who do not know yet, it is also possible to download and install Hungry Dragon on your mobile devices completely free of charge. Thus, you can always get it from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy unlimited gameplay with our mod

As for those of you who find the game a little annoying with its ads and in-game purchases, you can easily unlock it completely by going to our mod version of the game. Simply download and install Hungry Dragon Mod APK from our website and you are ready to go. Feel free to enjoy Unlimited Moneyunlocked gameplay, and ad-free experiences whenever you have the time.

Picture and sound quality


With stunning visual effects, Hungry Dragon allows players to fully immerse themselves in epic shooter challenges. Feel free to explore and experience the game to the fullest with fluid animations, amazing skill effects, and interactive environments. More importantly, you will also find that the well-optimized gameplay is very smooth and satisfying on your mobile devices.

sound / music

For those of you who are interested, Hungry Dragon should definitely make things more interesting with its powerful and impactful voice. Delicate sound effects and beautiful soundtrack will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your in-game experiences.

last thoughts

With its fun and interesting gameplay, Hungry Dragon is definitely a great mobile title to enjoy on your mobile devices, especially for those of you who are looking for a relaxing casual game. And for more interesting gameplay, Zombie Tsunami, Dragon Hills 2 and some other titles on our site should definitely satisfy you.