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Not sure how you should start your adventure in Northrend?

World of Warcraft offers one of the most immersive experiences in an MMORPG; it’s the main reason why Blizzard’s golden child has lasted for decades. The base game alone can keep you busy for hundreds of hours. Couple that with several massive expansion packs that elongate the storyline, and you’ve got thousands of hours’ worth of game time.

Following the success of Burning Crusade Classic, Wrath of the Lich King Classic has enormous shoes to fill in terms of content. Luckily for you, WotLK is considered to be WoW’s most entertaining expansion—leading the MMO’s population back in 2008 to an all-time high. Whether you’re a returning player or a greenhorn, starting with a clean slate can be challenging. You have to level up your character to the new level cap. There’s also the matter of trying (and taking advantage of) the new profession. Lucky for you, we’ll show you the secrets of what you should do at the beginning of your WoW WotLK Classic adventure (besides farming Wrath Classic gold) to gain an edge over other players.

Get WoTLK Classic Gold Above All Else

If you’re a player going to the WotLK Classic expansion after the events of Burning Crusade Classic, you must get WoTLK Classic gold if you want to experience a smooth transition into the new content update. This also applies to new players diving into Wrath of the Lich King Classic for the first time.

We highly recommend you prepare ahead of time. Things like dual character specialization, flying mounts (this is crucial if you want to get around Northrend quickly), and even simple matters such as upgrading your character require you to spend gold. If you want to earn gold without much effort, Herbalism and Mining are the best professions for farming. The main reason why Herbalism is a considerable money-maker is because of the profession introduced in WotLK Classic: Inscription. Inscription leads to an inflated demand for many types of herbs, and since herbs are used to craft glyphs that can enhance a player’s gameplay, many are sure to look for them.

On the other hand, mining is a prevalent profession used to level up a character’s skills. Plus, it’s handy for gaining profit if you’re the type who loves to go on raids. Craft-based professions such as Engineering, Blacksmithing, and Jewelcrafting rely on the materials players gather through Mining.

But say you’re not into grinding hours and hours for currency, or you’d rather laze around. In that case, the other option available is simply to buy WoTLK Classic gold from third-party marketplaces. This goes without saying, but you’ll have to shell out actual cash for this alternative.

Obtain A WoTLK Mount

After farming a sizeable amount of gold, it’s time to spend it. Now, there are a couple of ways to go about this. For one, you could get yourself a mount. World of Warcraft is massive in that there are multiple large zones you’ll have to traverse. It’s fine if you want to run from point A to point B with your character, but once you finally have the money to get yourself a mount, you’ll notice how much time you’ll save. Having a mount will drastically increase your speed, and that means being able to level up faster.

Get Late Game Burning Crusade Classic Items

Other than getting a mount, WoTLK items from the previous expansion should give you an advantage in accomplishing early-game quests. The best armor you can bring over from TBC to Wrath of the Lich King Classic is the Amice of the Convoker. This epic cloth armor is only dropped by Lady Sacrolash, who can be found in the Sunwell Plateau.

Overall, the late-game armor and weapons from Burning Crusade Classic should serve you well until you get to WotLK’s mid-game. By getting the WoTLK items from the last expansion, you’ll have more time to save your hard-earned WotLK gold and buy yourself the coveted endgame items once you reach level 80. If you have no experience playing WoW TBC or WoW Classic, there’s no need to fret; it’s still possible for you to get through the early parts of Wrath of the Lich King Classic using the weapons and armor you’ll accumulate throughout your playtime. Getting WoTLK items beforehand will give you a handicap, and it doesn’t mean that WoTLK will be unplayable if you don’t.

Always Do Your Research

These are all the essential tips to get you started on your journey to Northrend! If you want to master (and understand) what WoW WotLK Classic has to offer, it’s best to dig deeper and constantly do your research. As the months go by, we can expect a wealth of information to flood the interwebs about the MMO, such as how to farm WoTLK Classic gold, complete specific raids, and more.