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Yes, most often we need to submit the certain documents or even Government ID’s online. And, sharing image files indicated as a handy process and most of use consider our phone’s camera to do so. However, mostly online applications only allow their users to add a single PDF document for portal convenience. So, this is where mostly of us don’t have an idea how to convert JPG to PDF document format on mobile? Don’t fret as we are going to reveal different ways that allow you to convert multiple JPG photos into a single PDF document format on mobile. Let’s explore them all one-by-one!

Remember That!

When you’re going to export multiple JPG pictures into a single independent Adobe PDF document format, make sure that the JPG image to PDF converter keeps the quality high. This is where you have to consider picture to PDF converter by which convert JPG to PDF online while maintaining the original quality, even it lets you store (merge) all images into a one PDF for free.

Using Google Drive:

Google Drive is indicated as the safest source to make conversions from multiple JPG files into a single PDF document format on Android. Don’t fret as this application is built-in already on most of Android mobiles. Just couple of steps indulges to convert JPG to PDF by using GDrive.

However, the downside of this medium is that you should have to capture new pictures using your phone camera to convert them into PDF files. This means it does not allow you to process transformation from existing images to PDF files.

  • Start with opening the Google Drive application on your mobile
  • Now, you need to make a tap on the floating (+) add icon and commence further by choosing Scan from the menu
  • You can find that the Camera interface will open. You ought to simply Point the Camera towards the image and make a click on the Capture button
  • Once your select the photo, simply make a tap on the Checkmark icon
  • The upside is that this application provided you with different editing and formatting options on the very next screen interface
  • Then, you need to press the Add (+) icon that lets you to capture more photos for your PDF document file
  • Once you capture different photos, you simply need to swipe right or left on the main screen through which you can view all the photos. You can now easily edit them individually by using the given option. If you’re conversion goal involves removing any photos, simply make a tap on the (-) Remove icon
  • Once all the photos are finalized, all you need to make a tap on the Save button. All you need to add name for you converted PDF and choose GDrive account and even the folder to save the PDF. And, hit the Save button
  • You can see that the PDF file uploading process will started. If you aim to download the Adobe PDF document to your mobile, simply open the GDrive app and navigate to the folder where you saved the PDF document file
  • Make an instant tap on the given three-dot icon that is next to the Adobe PDF document file and choose Download. Navigate to the Download folder of your phone to fetch the converted PDF file

Using Microsoft Lens:

No matter whether you want to simply convert JPG to PDF or want to store multiple existing multiple pictures into a single PDF, you ought to use the Microsoft Lens app. This application assists you to swiftly create an independent PDF from the existing photos as well as from Camera.

  • You simply require to install the MS Lens app on your mobile
  • Launch the particular app and you can fetch the screen for capturing the new photos. You simply do that or just swipe up in order to add the existing images from your phone
  • Its time to make a tap on the desired images to simply choose them for your Adobe PDF document file and just hit the Next (>) icon
  • Very next, you need to adjust the area that you wish to include in the picture. You now require to tap on the picture thumbnails that is given at the bottom to simply preview and edit them. Once you fully satisfied with the selected images, all you need to tap on the Confirm icon
  • Then, you can be able to add more images, simply add a filter for the image, crop, rotate, reorder, or even add text to the image files. Now, make a tap on the Done button
  • Give a name to PDF and choose box next to PDF. Then simply choose the save location. At last click on the Save button to simply download the PDF document fil


It is another best and expert choice way to convert JPG to PDF document format. If you want to combine multiple pictures into a single PDF document file, then start using this best version of JPG to PDF converter online. Moreover, it does not compromise over the quality while turning JPG into Adobe PDF document format.

No matter whether you have JPG or JPEG extension images, it lets you export both as PDF document format.

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