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Carmeon Hamilton


The date of Carmeon Hamilton’s birth is October 12, 1985. As she appeared on Design Star, that made her age 35: In 2021, the Next Gen.Carmeon is a Libran, which corresponds to her birthday.

Along with her beautiful older sister Alston, Carmeon Hamilton spent her childhood in her hometown of Memphis, Hamilton. She wished her sibling “nothing but peace, love, and blessings.” Carmeon Hamilton was raised with her beautiful older sister Alston in her hometown of Memphis, Hamilton.

Carmeon’s mother, Shelia B., and grandmother, Hazel, are two other significant female figures in her family. She adored her sister to the moon and wished her “nothing but peace, love, and blessings.”Sadly, her mother passed away in 2011 at the age of 49, while her grandmother turned 75 in 2014.

Trivia: The birthdays of Carmeon’s three important girls are as follows: Alston (September 24), Shelia B (May 1), and Hazel In light of her education, Carmeon Hamilton was studying physical therapy. Alston was born on September 24.

Shelia B was born on May 1. Hazel was born on May 1. She did, too! and earned a bachelor’s degree in interior design in 2004. Her inventive redesign of the cinderblock and concrete walls of her dorm room was said to have impressed her friends.

Height and features

Carmeon Hamilton has a height of fewer than 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm) and a weight of more than 56 kilograms (123 pounds).
Her unmistakable highlights incorporate – dreadlock hair with an undercut and a wide grin.

Net worth

In the year 2021, Carmeon Hamilton’s net worth was less than $1.5 million.
She is a Memphis, Tennessee-based interior designer and lifestyle blogger. She was employed by Dufresne Spencer Group, LLC as a “Stash Home Merchandising Manager and Senior Visual Manager” before 2021.

Before that, Carmeon spent nearly five years as an interior designer for Golden Living. Carmeon also decided to establish her own business, Nubi Interiors, after losing her job there.

Carmeon also started writing blogs at that time, which helped her career in a big way.
Carmeon describes her fashion sense as “self-proclaimed modern bohemian.”She stated that her goal was “not only to discover the beauty in all things but to also help others find that beauty in things that surround them every day.” This was the statement that she made about her purpose.

Architectural Digest hailed her as a “rising star in the design world” in her honor. In addition, major industry associations frequently requested her to provide her insights and opinions or to produce content for top Fortune 500 brand partners.
referring to her appearance on Design Star: Carmeon, a member of the Next Generation, was the winner.

She was one of the talented competitors who did extremely well on all of her assignments.

Marcus Hamilton, the husband of Carmeon Hamilton

Marcus Hamilton, a life coach, and business manager was Carmeon Hamilton’s husband. Dating for north than 5 years, the couple held their wedding on September 10, 2011, and share a youngster named Davin.

Carmeon and Marcus were going stronger than ever up until 2021. Carmeon expressed her gratitude to her husband for being “the fuel, battery, engine, steering wheel, and windshield wipers” that kept her running.

Similarly, Marcus referred to Carmeon as a “Queen” and expressed his admiration and respect for her. Additionally, Carmeon and her husband frequently appeared live on her Instagram account to discuss “marriage” and “communication.

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Unfortunately, Marcus, Carmeon’s husband, was killed in a motorcycle accident. The reality star announced the tragic news on Instagram.

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