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Apbdindoid – Here Are 5 Local Brokers That Offer Fixed Rates. Don’t want to be complicated with kusr dollars when making a deposit withdrawal? Some brokers with the following Fixed Rate facilities may be the right choice.

When making a deposit or withdrawal at a forex broker, the ups and downs of currency exchange rates are often considered by traders. In Indonesia, local brokers on average use the USD/IDR exchange rate, the value of which can also go up and down.

The rise and fall of the dollar-Rupiah exchange rate can certainly affect the amount of money spent on deposits or that traders earn from withdrawals.

Some brokers then take the initiative by presenting Fixed Rate or fixed rate features. In short, a fixed rate is a forex broker facility that allows traders to deposit and withdraw funds at the same rate at any time.

The amount of fixed exchange rate given by the broker can vary, starting from Rp10, 000 or Rp14. 000. The goal is that traders no longer need to worry about the difference between the buying and selling rates that arise when converting Rupiah-US dollar.

1. Monex Investindo Futures

Monex is one of the well-known local brokers that has been regulated by Coftra since 2000. In addition, the Monex broker has branch offices in almost all corners of the archipelago and claims to be the largest trading volume broker in the country. This Broker provides forex, indices, and Commodity Futures Trading.

Monex continues to be committed to providing the best service for its clients by presenting competitive trading services and attractive features.

One is by offering a fixed exchange rate that simplifies client transactions by eliminating the risk of dollar exchange rate fluctuations when depositing or withdrawing.

Fixed prices at Monex brokers can be found on Ultra Low, Standard, and Pro accounts with a fixed range of Rp 14,000 per $ 1. Funds entering or leaving the account will also follow the exchange rate. For those who do not want to use a fixed rate, Monex also provides a floating rate option that follows the daily dollar rate.

2. Octa Investama Futures

Octa Investama futures Broker or familiarly called Octa ID is one of the official local brokers in Indonesia that is fully oriented to the growth of client performance.

After successfully obtaining permission from Coftra around 2013, this broker then tried to present attractive facilities to facilitate client trading activities. One of them is to offer a fixed interest rate (Fixed Rate) with the calculation of $1 = Rp10, 000.

Octa Broker also frequently holds a series of events, prize draws, and exciting contests to spur traders ‘ enthusiasm.

Some of these promotions can be followed without the need to Spend Personal Capital. In addition, competitive rebates are available for the most active traders.

3. Finex Futures

The next local Broker that offers a fixed rate is Finex futures. This Broker has been around for more than 7 years and has a license from Coftra, so legality and security can be guaranteed.

Deposit and withdrawal methods available at Finex broker are through local bank transfers such as BCA, Mandiri, Cimb Niaga, and BNI. In addition, Finex traders can choose to use a fixed rate of $ 1 = Rp10, 000 or a Floating Rate adjusted to the daily rate.

Finex greatly optimizes its services in gold and silver trading because precious metals are an investment alternative that is still very popular today. This Broker also sets a fairly low minimum deposit that starts at $100.

4. FOREXimf

The next local Broker that provides fixed rates is FOREXimf. This Broker has been operating since 2004 and has obtained a license from Coftra.

Headquartered in Bandung, FOREXimf always strives to be the number one broker in Indonesia, one of them by providing a Fixed Rate feature of $1 = Rp10, 000.

FOREXimf is supported by a series of exciting features such as an educational program that regularly holds weekly live webinars, as well as comprehensive forex learning materials ranging from beginner to professional classes.

5. RBF (Rifan Financindo Berjangka)

Rifan Financindo Berjangka or better known as RBF broker is also one of the official brokers licensed by Coftra which is able to provide deposit withdrawals with fixed interest rates.

Operating for more than 20 years, RBF is an experienced broker in Indonesia with branch offices in many major cities.

One of the excellent features of this broker is the availability of a fixed rate of $1 = Rp10, 000. With fixed interest rates, traders can focus more on allocating their funds effectively without worrying about daily interest rate fluctuations. In addition, there is also a floating rate that is free of deposit and withdrawal fees.