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If you are a fan of pets and adorable hamsters, you can download “hamster lifeThe game promises to bring hours of great entertainment. Players will take care of the hamster and play with it. Hamster breeding is easy and fun for anyone.

Hamster Life is an excellent game from Cross Field Inc. The game allows the player to raise a hamster. However, you do not have to be a professional pet owner. The game is for everyone, and you don’t need a lot of hands-on experience in caring for a hamster. The game is fun, and the game offers hours of great gameplay with a cute “virtual” hamster.

Great for hamster lovers

Hamster Life is a pet simulation game. Players will raise a “virtual” hamster. The game brings moments of fun and lightness with the lovely hamster. You can give the hamster food or water to drink. Players watch the entertaining actions of the adorable hamster. All the content of the game is very interesting and beautiful.

Hamster Life fully simulates the experience of raising a hamster. You can raise, care for and play with your lovely hamster. You feed the hamster, and you touch the face of the chubby hamster on the screen. The hamster will have many funny movements: sleeping in strange positions, playing in the running rink, drinking a water bottle, … and many other fun activities. The game will make players excited because of the cuteness of hamsters.

No need to be a professional hamster owner

Hamster Life is an entertaining game, and everything is easy and fun. So the game is suitable for everyone. Of course, you do not need to be a professional hamster owner. You can play with the hamster and enjoy the fun of life.

The game offers a “virtual” hamster, and you won’t have much trouble. You can raise a virtual pet yourself. You can play with the hamster during work hours, lunch breaks, or on the bus. The game introduces cute hamster creatures. You can collect a whole collection of adorable hamsters. In addition, you can also play mini games to earn money and decorate the hamster cage.

The more hamsters you have, the more fun you will have. Since the hamster is a cute animal, you give food to the hamster, and you touch the cute face of the hamster. Hamsters produce a lot of cute behavior if the hamster is full. The game offers hundreds of ways to take care of hamsters. You choose the beautiful hamster, and take care of the hamster every day to have a lot of fun.

Let’s start the game by dragging the hamster to the wheels, save money to create an excellent hamster farm!

Discover lots of fun activities with your hamster

Hamster Life is a simple game, and the player needs to tap according to the instructions on the screen. The game offers many ways to take care of hamsters. Players serve food to the hamster, feel the thrill of touching the cute hamster’s face. You can tap on the screen to move the hamster. You can also change the furniture or decorations to your liking. If you double tap on the screen, the hamster will come and have fun with you.

Hamster Life focuses on entertainment. Therefore, players do not need to worry too much about basic care skills. If you touch a hamster, or feed a hamster, experience accumulates. If the hamster has enough food, the hamster will go home to sleep or relax. If the hamster approaches the water tank, the hamster will gently drink the water.

Players use coins to increase hamster experience. The game also offers many ways to save money. The game contains exciting mini-games – players complete match-3 mini-games to get new coins, cheese or hamsters. Mini match 3 games are fun entertainment. The Match-3 mini-game is very easy to play, and players only need to match arrays of three blocks of the same color vertically or horizontally. You will love match 3 mini games if you like mind games.

If you take good care of your hamster and hamster to a new level, you will get many coins. In addition, you can control the hamster in a round, and you will also get any money. You are using coins to buy more cheese.

Decorate your hamster cage

Hamster Life offers different types of hamsters. Players can own several hamsters at the same time. If the hamster has reached adulthood, you can replace or add a new hamster. If you want to level up your hamster, you can use cottage cheese.

Hamster Life allows the player to change the decoration of the hamster’s house. You are free to create a hamster cage to your liking. You use the money to buy different furniture or decorations. Use your imagination to create a wonderful hamster house.

Hamster Life offers many interesting facts. The game has many events, and each event corresponds to the level of the hamster. You get many great rewards. In addition, the game contains detailed instructions for new players. You can choose home mode or walking mode.

Hamster Life promises to bring exciting entertainment experience with cute mice. The game has cartoon-style 2D graphics. The game’s music is fun. The game is the right choice if you like light entertainment.

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Raising hamsters in a fun way

In short, “Hamster Life” is a free and cute game. The game brings an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. You own the adorable “virtual” hamster, and discover the extraordinary journey of animal husbandry. The game is very suitable for those who like light gameplay and 2D graphics.

Download “Hamster Life” to have adorable virtual pets with adorable hamsters!