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Get ready to discover the world of shooting fun, as you join our funny world gomslinger Characters in their exciting shooting gameplay. Explore tons of interesting in-game items with the world of candy gum in crossfire. Play as fun-looking characters and experience the refreshing in-game physics, as you take the cool shots.

And always enjoy the interesting in-game missions as you enjoy endless quests with highly skilled Gumslinger. Pick up your amazing weapons, discover their unique power and really get involved in many amazing adventures. Enjoy the game in many exciting levels and environments with different settings. Most importantly, Gumslinger’s addictive online gameplay will now allow you to have fun with friends and players from all over the world.

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Here at Gumslinger, Android players can freely discover the immersive game world with interesting candy and candy characters. Have fun joining them in your exciting confrontations. Pick up your awesome weapons with diverse shooting styles, explore their interesting skills, and unlock exciting action gameplay in Gumslinger.

Take on the ultimate shooter challenges with multiple in-game levels and gameplay escalations for you to really enjoy. Also enjoy the addictive online gameplay, which will allow you to enjoy Gumslinger with real players from all over the world. Join each other in fun confrontations and enjoy the game thanks to the unique thin body physics.

Gumslinger 2 . screen


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Exciting online game for you to enjoy

Here at Gumslinger, Android gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy simple but very fun gum shooting gameplay, with friends and online players from all over the world. Feel free to take on exciting PvP tournaments with up to 64 players per game. Collect your cool in-game rewards and experience many exciting ways to play with friends and online players. Enjoy this real-time shooter game that is completely out of this world.

Gumslinger screen 1

Multiple skill missions with different settings

Moreover, to make the game even more exciting, Android players can now collect a variety of different missions within the game, which will offer different settings, multiple missions for you to conquer, and great character variations for you to discover freely. Feel free to enjoy this fun and candy packed shooter game with immersive experiences.

Gumslinger 4 . screen

Interesting game physics with a lot of fun

Speaking of which, to make the game stand out from other mobile shooter games, Gumslinger’s Android players can now enjoy the game’s interesting physics, which presents its uniquely soft characters that will react joyfully to every move you make. Feel free to take advantage of the in-game features and have the most fun with your wobbly characters.

Awesome guns with unique powers

Here in Gumslinger, players will also have the opportunity to pick up many interesting weapons, each with its own unique abilities and abilities. Feel free to have fun with multiple shooting challenges and unleash your awesome guns. Take advantage of the many weapons available and unleash your awesome shooter gameplay as you progress.

Freely customize your playing style

To make Gumslinger’s action game even more exciting, you can now freely customize in-game items to make shooter challenges more fun. Start designing your weapons with many amazing shapes, which will allow you to experience your shooter gameplay more. Meanwhile, you can now explore tons of cool Gumslingers, each with their own unique appearance and attributes. Feel free to customize many of these as you enjoy the Gumslinger shooter game even more.

Collect trophies with your Gumslingers

And now, for those of you who are interested, you can enjoy the exciting game of Gumslinger, which allows characters to send their combos for exciting prize hunting missions. Collect various prize hunts with your Gumslingers while also enjoying the main gameplay whenever you want.

Multiple levels in the game with mounting difficulties

To make the game more interesting, Gumslinger also offers many interesting in-game levels for you to explore and enjoy. Here, you can freely discover the amazing in-game environments and come up with your own amazing level settings. More importantly, with the escalating level of difficulties, Gumslinger players can enjoy their action-packed gameplay to the fullest.

Gumslinger 3 . screen

Amazing achievements and great rewards

Here in Gumslinger, players can enjoy many cool in-game achievements along with their main gameplay. Feel free to get exciting rewards and unique prizes that you can’t find anywhere else. Meanwhile, also discover many cool achievements, which you can always brag about to your friends.

Climb the ranking system and get special rewards

Gumslinger’s ranking system will allow Android players to really enjoy their exciting shooting gameplay, as it allows you to enjoy competing with friends and online players from all over the world. Now, you can take on the challenges of a soft-bodied shooter and enjoy the exciting gameplay of Gumslinger to the fullest.

free to play

And despite all the exciting in-game features, Gumslinger is still free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, you can easily get it from the Google Play Store, and no payment is required.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay on our site

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the completely free and unlocked version of Gumslinger on our website, which offers the ultimate gameplay to enjoy. Here, players can freely discover unlimited money and unlocked features within the game. All of that should allow you to enjoy Gumslinger to the fullest. All it takes is to download a file Download Gumslinger Mod APK on our site. Follow the instructions provided, and you’ll be good to go.

Picture and sound quality


With interesting in-game graphics and great visuals, Gumslinger Android players can now enjoy their addictive shooter simulation gameplay, especially when the soft-bodied characters are highly interactive and responsive. Here, you can enjoy the addictive shooting game with strong in-game characters and fun visuals. Also discover the refreshing soft body physics that will enhance your shooter gameplay to the fullest.

sound and music

Along with the exciting in-game visuals, Android players in Gumslinger can now enjoy immersive shooter experiences, thanks to the powerful in-game audio. Here, responsive sound effects and exciting soundtrack will definitely put you in touch with the game.

last thoughts

With a surprisingly simple yet fun and entertaining gameplay, Android players can enjoy their favorite Gumslinger shooter game. Not to mention that the unique soft body physics will make the game stand out from other similar games. And most importantly, with the free and unlocked version of the game on our website, you will always have reasons to enjoy Gumslinger.