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horror city goosebumps It is an action game based on the horror movie Goosebumps (Midnight Story). The player’s task is to build a city full of fearsome monsters and take on interesting missions.

Goosebumps Horror Town is a type of horror game developed based on the famous Goosebumps horror novel series by RL Stine. Join the game to experience the thrill of horror and test his bravery in the town of scary monsters.

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In Goosebumps Horror Town, players have two options. The first is to become a monster, and collect a group of evil and scary creatures in the city. The second option is to play the city guard against the monster. Collect resources, scare people, explore monster activity, explore maps to unlock new areas and adventures.

As a monster, you can intimidate humans to steal physical property and buy new monsters from Goosebumps. If it is human, the player can follow the monster to find out what is happening in the city in which they live.

Goosebumps Horror Town presents full of horror in Goosebumps horror movie with animations and missions for humans and monsters. The more experience you gain, the more opportunities you have to unlock new content. Then grow your city and discover new exciting adventures.

general information

Goosebumps Horror Town is the scary mobile game for the upcoming Goosebumps movie. For starters, Goosebumps is Scholastic’s bestselling series of novels since 1992 and written by master of fear RL Stine. RL Stine’s literary works are a prison for ghosts such as werewolves, mummies, zombies, and ghost dolls.

Thanks to the popularity of Goosebumps that has inspired many a following, the most recent example is the American horror comedy film of the same name directed by Rob Letterman and written by Scott Alexander, Larry Karasevsky, and Darren Lemke. The main character of this film is the famous actor Jack Black, accompanied by such young actors as Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush and Ryan Lee.

Besides the movie adaptation, Goosebumps was also the famous developer Cosmic Forces to convey the fear of this novel on his mobile platform with Goosebumps Horror Town. This mobile game is a hide and seek game that takes place in the spooky RL Stine castle. Somehow the monsters and demons in RL Stine’s book are realized in this game. The player’s task is to help the author return them to their original state.

Goosebumps Horror Town has a puzzle game that challenges the player’s ability to observe and guess. The 3D graphics of the game are also stunning, giving players sharp visuals that are true to detail. It will give players a thrill, dramatic, but no less interesting.

Besides playing games with your phone or tablet, gamers can fully use VR glasses to experience the fearlessly horrific role-playing experience. Halloween is coming and if you are a fan of horror adventure games, Goosebumps Horror Town will suit you.

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background story

Goosebumps is a children’s horror novel, about young characters in frightening situations, often involving monsters or supernatural elements by American author RL Stine. Since the release of the first book in the series (1992), Goosebumps has sold more than 400 million books worldwide in more than 30 languages.

In many countries, the book series has left a chilling impression on readers, especially the ’90s generation. Born in 1943, RL Stine is a novelist, screenwriter, and television producer. He is the Stephen King of children’s literature, and the author of hundreds of horror stories, including Goosebumps, Fear Street, Rotten School, Mostly Ghostly, and The Nightmare Room.

Goosebumps has also inspired a lot of movies (Goosebumps and Goosebumps 2), video games (Goosebumps Night of Scares, Goosebumps Horror Town) and comics of the same name.

In a cold and mysterious atmosphere, fears were creeping through every muscle and covering every dark corner of the castle. How to play with basic settings and tricks to create a horror atmosphere in Goosebumps Horror Town will make you play the game with a feeling of horror. And there will certainly be no shortage of heartbreaking moments when there are horror images on your screen.

However, players should be calm to ignore any details in Goosebumps Horror Town because they always connect the details in the game. So you have to compress it. Fear and close observation will bring you a perfect experience of what the game developer wants to convey.

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How to play Goosebumps Horror Town

Horror games are scary, but people always want to play. Do you want to know how to play Goosebumps Horror Town to beat all levels? Or want to know how to get a jukebox when you get chills on the floor? The following is a game guide for you to win Goosebumps Horror Town. If you don’t know how to play, come and see.

Goosebumps Horror Town is a game that requires headphones to play. In the game, you not only need to touch the screen with your fingertips to move, but you also need to use headphones to listen to what is happening around you while moving. Then follow the lightning prompt to find the music box.

During the movement, sometimes there is a sudden lightning. The scene will light up and you can see the surroundings, but the time is very short. You need to see if there are monsters around you.

There are a lot of monsters in the game. And when you encounter them, a frightening image will appear accompanied by the screaming of the hero. For example, a clown will appear on the right side of the screen when he approaches. Hurry up and go in another direction

Many monsters like zombies, clowns and ghosts challenge you. If you hear a clown laughing near you, a child singing, or a screaming sound, run and be careful. Some monsters will hide behind the trees, so be careful when you walk next to them.

To find the jukebox, try to listen to the sound of the jukebox and search for it. Then rely on the lightning wave to find out where the music box is.

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Our reviews

Well, let’s talk about Goosebumps Horror Town, which is nothing more than a challenging game with amazing graphics. The first thing to clarify is that this game is unique. There are nice dialogues and graphics with attention to detail. We have a city to discover and build. There are many tasks that the characters have to perform. And monsters that will try to scare all the citizens.

Although the game consists of different parts (searching for objects, actions, forming objects, selling objects, unlocking areas, building houses, shops, etc.) we do not complicate it at all. For each match, there is always a button with a dot in the question. Upon clicking, it will explain how to proceed.

The atmosphere is typical, like any Goosebumps series. So, the game will not disappoint most hobbyists. In short, it is a city management game surrounded by a very nice plot. Discover all the secrets of Borgomastro.

However, there is a disappointment that most impatient players will not specifically like the fears of moving from one level to another as a result of dead points in the game. To gain experience points, you must customize each character for a time-consuming action.

yes! You have to find it again in two minutes with no actionable actions. In short, if the children do their homework, it is the teacher who is responsible for it. If the annoying neighbor spends the evening sitting on the sofa with a lunch based on crunchy insects, the city becomes empty and the user waits.

But do not worry. As you progress through the levels, you can unlock many more characters. In this way, it is possible to unlock new tasks, assign different tasks (of different duration) and not stay in the game.

Regarding, on the first level it is also possible to pass the time by selling only in the city store. If you have the right stuff, you can beat the match by customizing the city with gardens, trees, sculptures, and many other structures. You should always monitor your budget!

The developers periodically release very interesting and attractive special events. So far, we’ve taken part in Halloween and Christmas events. He takes everything to take care of the smallest details. Thus, it makes the game more active and attractive.

Another positive note is that the developers, in case of bugs, will answer you and help you solve problems. We have the task of finding a small and annoying bug that didn’t allow us to play at our best. Therefore, we can contact the developers by associating the player ID with the email (which is in the game start screen) and a small video screen where we showed the error in action. In a few minutes, the developers will answer us and fix the problem.

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last words

Goosebumps is a very interesting horror game. Everyone knows that the scariest part about horror games is the sound. And the scariest part of this game is the whole process.

Goosebumps Horror Town is for those who want to take it slow, level up little by little, and care about every aspect of their city. It is suitable for anyone who wants to create a scary city where monsters are the order of the day. The game is available for iOS and Android for free.