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Early life

An Indian origin and now rule the world with her cooking skills. Aarti Sequeira was a multi-talented star as she was a Television producer too, Journalist as well a Professional cook.

He always wanted to be a journalist when their family moved from south India, India to Dubai. He tried a lot for journalism but destiny has its different plans. Later the only skill she had was cooking.

Cooking Career

As she loves cooking because it was the type of family continuation DNA too and it completely changed her life. She was always curious about food and enjoy every moment of her delicious food.

She traveled to Los Angeles for her journalism course but all doors are locked for her as she didn’t get much out of it as well as all the interviews and everything didn’t work for her. She later decided to do it at least in her life and chose cooking as her profession. 

She started her journey first as a YouTube creator and later she won the show “next food network star” and later became the judge of the show Holiday wars.

He has written many books on cooking even though she teaches people too. Also, she has a journal in which every recipe was written from the year 1988.

She always adored her mother’s cooking style as her mother was also a great cook. The legacy followed Aarti too or say genetic advantages.

The only good decision taken by her was that she wrote all the dishes in a journal and gave her a touch to it. Now all cooking recipes are kept safe in the journal. 

Her Married Life

 Aarti Sequeira is a food writer, television personality, and the host of the Cooking Channel’s Aarti Party.

She is married to Brendan McNamara, with whom she has two children. In her blog article “Aarti Sequeira husband Brendan McNamara,” Sequeira writes about her husband and their life together.

She discusses how they met, their shared love of food, and their life as parents. Sequeira also shares some of her husband’s favorite recipes, including his famous chicken tikka masala.

At the age of 18, Aarti Sequeira and Brendan McNamara met each other in college and were having the same subjects.

Before meeting Brendan she was just a normal cook but Brendan helped him to get the certificate and turned Aarti’s life completely. Now she became a well-known kitchen master chef.

Later in their meeting, they decided to get married and in 2009 they got married as well as have 2 children. Sequeira is a television personality and cookbook author who is best known for her work on the Food Network. McNamara is an entrepreneur and investor.

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