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Gangster City Story It brings golden elements of open world action game style. The game takes place in the city of sin, and you will become a real gangster. You are free to act crazy, manage a mighty criminal world. You will become the boss of the mafia, and you have a lot of black powers. Like “Car Parking Multiplayer”, the game is heavily influenced by the legend of GTA. However, the game possesses a unique story with many interesting details. The game has many cool mechanics and attractive action.

You will have a lot of things to do in the fate of the black mafia in “Gangster Town Story”. It is not easy for you to become the leader of the gangster city, to become the boss of the mafia. You experience the gangster world just like in real life. The underworld always exists with many difficulties. You will start with a small position, and become a real leader of the destruction of rival gangsters in the grand war. The game brings a vast city and an exciting mafia world. You explore and destroy hostile gangs, engage in intense skirmishes and solve many exciting puzzles. Get ready for the goal to become a mafia boss, explore a wonderful open world. The game offers maximum experience with eye-catching actions such as: shooting, racing, fighting, gangster, thief and corrupt police. “Gangs Town Story” is really the choice of anyone who loves GTA, and you need a lot of time to complete various tasks.

Explore the open criminal world in the grand gang war

The Gangs Town Story brings a big open city with gangs, thieves and police. You can do many things like enjoy the skyscrapers and experience the luxurious life of criminals. Take part in gang wars, steal cars and fight the police to complete objectives. The game has a lot of tracks, and you need to conquer the neighborhoods to become the mafia boss. The world in the game is wonderful and vast. You will explore everything in this open city, and you will fully experience the gangster crime world. The game has a large amount of content, and you will complete many amazing action missions. You are ready to fight the streets with gangs and police at any time. You are free to steal your favorite car, drive crazy in the vast open world. You act like a powerful mafia, declaring your rights to your enemies and your people. Show your bravery when you protect the gang from hostile forces, the police. After every battle or mission, you get useful resources to upgrade weapons to win future crime wars.

Gangster City Story Screen 0

Use many types of guns and experience absolute freedom

The Gangs Town Story emphasizes the real gangster experience. You discover many interesting things, and use all the great tools. Like the “Car Parking Multiplayer” set, you can use hundreds of powerful guns, and control many types of vehicles. You explore a great character’s arsenal, and make a gangster in your own style. Complete many challenging challenges with different weapons, and seek respect on the streets of crime. The game offers a variety of powerful guns, such as sniper rifles, flamethrowers, grenades, and more. You have to deal with many enemies. You have to defeat the gangsters and dirty police. The game is not so simple, and you have to conquer the enemy gang areas to create your own power. Conquests help you expand your big gang. Developing an arsenal and vast lands help you show your strengths.

Gangs Town Story offers the ultimate in freedom and personal experience. You choose different costumes, you create your own fashion style. You can become a hippie, or a mafia businessman. The game offers several large clothing stores to help you customize the appearance of your character. In particular, some pieces of clothing help you possess interesting superpowers. Each of his special abilities will help you to complete different challenging missions. Enjoy fighting with gangsters, beat the chase with police.

Gangs Town Story 1 . screen

Explore the city and enjoy high speed racing

One of the interesting things about “Gangs Town Story”, is the action and high speed car chase. You will have interesting experiences like “multiplayer car parking”. The game uses a third perspective, so it offers a full action experience. You have the option of driving a tank or a car to fight exciting battles. You choose a unique path for the mafia, or you join a powerful gang. You choose a car to your liking and complete many cool missions. If you get bored while walking, you are free to steal your favorite car on the street. You are participating in exciting racing missions, trying to escape from many amazing chases. You oppose the police and gangs to win in the end. You can even use the tank to have fun and defeat the powerful police with awesome firepower. The game helps you fulfill your dream of becoming a real hero in the open crime city with variety of weapons, car theft action and police battles.

Gangs Town Story 2 screen

Great game, big open world

Gangs Town Story offers the full experience of the open world action genre. You do many criminal acts to become the king of the underworld. The game control system is intuitive and friendly. You can easily take action to attack, jump or interact with objects. The game is heavily influenced by GTA (Grand Theft Auto), but the game still has an interesting adventure. After many missions, you can earn money and improve your reputation to advance the higher ladder in the underworld.

In short, Gangs Town Story is a 3D action game of the genre. Although for mobile phones, the game is dazzling with great 3D graphics. Get ready to enjoy the battles with police and gangsters. You are facing a real gangster in the city and do many fun things to become a mafia boss.

Gangster Town Story Screen 3


  • Explore the vast city with gangsters, police and special soldiers.
  • Use a diverse arsenal (Minigun, grenade launcher, RPG, …), use many different vehicles (tanks, helicopters, …).
  • Enjoy the wonderful story of the ferocious mafia journey.
  • Enjoy freedom with people who shoot, steal and destroy everything.


  • There is not much difference with GTA.
  • The task is still not varied, easily boring after a long time playing.
  • The city is still very small.