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Hey, there today in this post I will be sharing with you 60+ Free Netflix Accounts for Free. And not only that I will show you the working trick to get create a free account. In this article, I have included everything that you need to know about Netflix and a few tips & tricks on creating Netflix accounts for free.

We are living in an era of streaming services. It just transformed how people consume movies and television at home, and also they have the best archive since it is diverse and also it has a bunch of hit movies and small kinds of stuff both.

Even streaming services have an enormous selection of TV shows to watch. And for enjoying such a pandemic, we were working on collecting some Free Netflix Accounts for you all.

Netflix is the best streaming service all over the world because of its content user-friendliness and excellent film quality to watch on TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Ipad, PC, and more. So here we go to knowing more about Netflix and Netflix Premium.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a 20 years old online streaming service known all over the world in over 190 countries right now. It is quite like a paid streaming service that allows you to stream TV shows, films, and web series as per your desire.

They also have their original Netflix enormous content, which is having outstanding web series and movies. It can work on any of your preferred devices if you have an excellent internet connection. Netflix is revolutionizing the way we watch TV since it’s the best way of not getting bored at home.

What is Netflix Premium?

Free Netflix Accounts

Netflix is delivering a vast amount of content in such epic quality and original languages, so it can’t be free. That’s why Netflix started subscription plans, which depend on your usage and which you will select.

When Netflix came to India, they offered a free trial offer for a month, but after noticing so many people taking free Premium membership by using different credit cards and email accounts.

Netflix stopped the free trial option in India. In this article, we are giving away a few Netflix Premium Accounts at no cost for the customers who need them.

So please read the full instructions below and get Free Netflix Accounts with email id and password. You can cancel Netflix Premium when you don’t need it, and also you don’t have to pay any charge after the subscription.

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Netflix Plans and Prices

Netflix Plans

There are four plans of Netflix Premium subscription based on different budget prices, distinct types of quality, the number of users, and your preferred device.

You can also choose shared Netflix in which you and your friends can watch content at the same time. Below is a brief description of four plans:-

1.) Mobile Plan – This is the cheapest and the fittest plan for those who are using Netflix on the phone. And if you are just a single guy using it. But the only dilemma with this plan is, you can’t stream HD movies using this subscription. If we talk about price, it takes Rs. 199 per month for subscribing to this plan.

2.) Basic Plan – This plan is as same as the Mobile plan in case of how many users using it at the same time and HD availability. But the great thing about this plan is you can watch Netflix also on TV and Laptop both devices and on android.

For subscribing to this plan, you have to pay Rs. 499 per month.

3.) Standard Plan – This plan is a much different one since via using this plan, you can stream Netflix on up to two different devices at the same time.

Also, the HD feature is available in this plan. The demerit of using this subscription plan is, Ultra HD resolution is not available in this plan. Well, this plan is worth Rs. 649 monthly charges and you can cancel.

4.) Premium Plan – This is the last and most valuable plan for Netflix because of all its features. You can name it an all-rounder plan. This plan lets you use up to 4 devices at the same time and also you can stream on any device you want.

The best feature of this plan is the ultra HD feature which is available only for the premium plan. This plan is worth Rs. 799 per month, which you can cancel anytime.

Free Netflix Accounts 2022

Netflix has stopped free trials for Indian users because of which many users aren’t able to access Netflix right now. During the pandemic, Netflix is a must for a lot of Indian users since it was the only solution for not getting bored.

So for all of you, we are here today with a few Free Netflix Accounts email IDs, and passwords that will help you a lot. So you have to follow the below steps for getting logged in via these IDs and passwords:-

Step 1 – Firstly you have to download the Netflix app from the Google Play store or any other app store and then you have to open it.

Step 2 – You have to touch on the sign-in block and fill in the email-id and password given by us.

Step 3 – Tada……! You can now enjoy the Netflix premium service free of cost.

Today’s Free Netflix Accounts

Netflix Free Accounts Updated On

Nov 20, 2022

30+ Free Netflix Accounts (Nov 20, 2022)

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Free Netflix Account’s Features

Full HD with 4K Support

On using one of these listed free Netflix accounts, you can watch any of the web series, TV shows, and movies in ultra HD resolution and also in 4K resolution.

Free Download to Virtual Space

In Netflix free accounts, you can download streamable media free of cost. You only need mobile data or a wi-fi connection for it. After downloading that media, if your account validity expires or if you uninstall Netflix so you can’t watch that video after that.

Since that movie or TV show was downloaded in Netflix virtual space, not in your data storage.

Four-Screen Capability

The account we are providing you is a four-screen premium account, which means you can stream shows on four screens at the same time. So you can send this access to your friends too.

Sub-Account Feature

If four users are using this account, they can create their own space in which movies will filter according to their choice and as per their last seen movies.

Resuming last show Feature

If you are using an android and watching a show and suddenly it got discharged, then if you log in by any different device, the show will be continued from where you had stopped that.

Some Other Ways For Getting Free Netflix Accounts

1.) By Netflix Sharing –

By sharing Netflix ID and password, you can purchase the premium plan at a cheap cost with your friends. You and your three more friends can purchase a Netflix premium plan by adding Rs. 200 for each guy. You can even take free IDs and passwords from our website and help yourself and your friends too.

2.) Using Netflix Mod –

Netflix Mod is a Netflix apk file with some scripts and cookies added to it because of which you can enjoy premium services free of cost. For using Netflix Mod APK, you also don’t have to log in to an account. You only have to download the app and install it.

3.) By Using Netflix Cookies –

Cookies are also one of the best options for using paid features of any website or app free of cost. Adding cookies doesn’t need a study of rocket science, you can also use some addons or extensions which will help you add cookies on your Netflix website, and then, you can easily access any movie or TV show at no cost.

4.) Netflix Free Trial –

Netflix was providing a free trial for the last two months, but now the free trial offer has ended for Netflix India. But we can still get a trial by using VPN and changing location to UK or Singapore server.

The free trial service is still operating in those regions. So by activating VPN and then opening the app, you will see an option of starting a 30-day free trial.

5.) Free Netflix For Airtel Users –

Airtel is now providing free Netflix, amazon prime, and Shaw Academy subscriptions. It depends on the different recharge plans of airtel postpaid.

Is Netflix sharing legal or not

Netflix sharing is allowed in every country since it’s already written in Netflix t&Cs that sharing fun is great. So please try these account details for getting a free Netflix account and stream the fun.

Instructions For Using The Website

For getting started for a Netflix premium paid account, follow the below steps –

Step 1. You have to create an account by filling proper email-id and a rememberable password.

Step 2. Choose the membership plan depending on your usage.

Step 3. Select one payment method from PayPal or debit/credit card and pay the amount.
Now stream endless…..!


We base this article on Free Netflix Accounts as we mentioned above. So please read all the above instructions carefully before installing the app and using it. By using these premium accounts, you can freely stream media on Netflix.

If the given ID and password aren’t working, this may be a problem like someone is also using the same ID and password on his device.

If you are purchasing Netflix premium subscription, take care of the cancellation policy.

Since till the last date if you don’t cancel the subscription, then they will overcharge you.

Thanks for coming to our website, so happy for assisting you.