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Ellie and Joel might be making their way to Fortnite.

Here we go again, Fortnite will crossover with Destiny and introduce new skins from the Destiny series. Fortnite has crossed over with more big name companies and video games than I could count. A lot of people like to think the Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the greatest crossover game. It doesn’t hold a candle to Fortnite. Fortnite is the only game where Marvel and DC characters can battle it out with Master Chief, while Bruno Mars is flying in the sky blasting a Kamehameha at Kratos. What in the world has this game come to? I love it.

This crossover doesn’t come with any big events, but it does come with some nice cosmetics for your Fortnite account and a new island that has been created to resemble a certain map from Destiny 2. So, if you are a Destiny and Fortnite fan, this is a dream come true.

Without further ado, let’s go into detail on what exactly you can expect with the Destiny crossover.

New Character Skins

Three new skins are coming to the Fortnite Item Shop. All of them are iconic characters that have appeared throughout both Destiny games. While some play more important roles in the story than others, Destiny fans should be pleased with these skins.

Commander Zavala

Commander Zavala is a Titan Vanguard of the Tower and current commander of the Last City. Many players will encounter Commander Zavala throughout Destiny as he is usually the one that gives the players missions, campaigns, and operations throughout the game.

Commander Zavala will appear in the Fortnite Item Shop along with three additional cosmetics. These three cosmetics are:

  • Targe Back Bling: Commander Zavala’s Ghost. (Included with the Commander Zavala Outfit.)
  • Crown-Splitter Pickaxe: “Our enemies think themselves gods and kings. Show them the error of their ways.”
  • Sparrow Glider: Vehicle used for transportation across land (or in Fortnite, air transportation). Comes with the Zavala Shader Style fit for Commander Zavala.

Ikora Rey

Ikora Rey is another notable character in the Destiny universe. She has appeared in both games. Ikora Rey is a Warlock Vanguard, she is the Leader of the Hidden, Champion of the Crucible, and the successor of Osiris. Throughout the campaigns, Ikora Rey can seem a bit rough around the edges, but she is also caring.

Similar to Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey will have three related accessories as well.

  • Ophiuchus Back Bling: Ikora Rey’s Ghost. (Included with the Ikora Rey Outfit.)
  • Black Talon Pickaxe: “His life brought peace to the Reef. His death brings a sword.”
  • Sparrow Glider: Comes with the Ikora Shader Style fit for Ikora Rey. Same model as Commander Zavala, but with a different paint job.

Exo Stranger

Our third and final skin/character is Exo Stranger. Exo Stranger is also known as Elisabeth Bray. Elsie is stuck in a time loop and continues to work with the Guardian (your character) to help you in your mission as well as benefit hers.

Elsie also has three cosmetics for her, but she doesn’t have a Ghost companion but has Pouka instead.

  • Pouka Back Bling: The Exo Stranger’s companion. (Included with the Exo Stranger Outfit.)
  • The Lament Pickaxe: “The last thing the Vex ever heard — the grinding wails of a vicious Banshee.”
  • Sparrow Glider: Comes with the Exo Stranger Shader Style fit for the Exo Stranger.

Javelin-4 Island

Javelin-4 is a PvP map in Destiny 2 and it has been recreated in Fortnite by the PWR creator team. Not only that it also comes with a version of the control mode from Destiny 2. Your team will need to take control of zones and hold them to earn points. The first team to the specified score wins the match. To find this island and play the game mode, you only need to search for it on the “Discover” screen.

New Emote

This new emote is fun and gives your character a small bit of flair. The emote is simple, yet effective, especially if you are a Destiny fan. You will summon your Ghost companion and it will begin quickly to survey the area around you. Once complete it will give you a quick head nod to signal that the job is done before disappearing.


In short, the Destiny series has made its way into Fortnite in many ways. Three new skins are coming and each skin comes with its own pickaxe, back bling, and glider. You can complete the set with the “Investigate Emote” to summon a Ghost companion. Lastly, players can recreate some Destiny 2 PvP action with the Javelin-4 island created by the PWR creator team. That’s a lot of stuff for players to add to their Fortnite accounts.

What are your thoughts on all the Destiny goodies being added? Let us know in the comment section.

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