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If you are looking for a more relaxing life, then a deserted island might be the perfect place for you. You can grow plants and animals, expand the island and decorate it with different decorations.

★ ☆ ★ ☆ Game Description ★ ☆ ★ ☆

A deserted island in the sea.

While there is only Yeti, a robot and a mysterious laboratory

Let’s turn this into your island full of flora and fauna!

■ Let’s plant!

First, let’s plant the plants. Plants produce seeds over time,

So grow new plants and raise these plants (level up),

And let’s try to get as many seeds as possible!

■ Let’s raise animals!

Raising animals in a mysterious laboratory.

How will the animals grow? It will depend on your luck and the amount of experience.

Release the newly born animals and live with them on the island!

■ Let’s clean up the island!

Trash destroys the island landscape.

Let’s arrange and make this island clean!

There can be valuable resources mixed in the trash!

■ Let’s expand the island!

Once you have the resources you need, expand the island!

You can even grow some new plants and animals!

■ Let’s sail!

Once you have adapted to the new lifestyle, let’s ride a hot air balloon in search of resources!

The resources are mixed in the trash.

be cerfull! Dangerous bombs are also mixed together.

Let’s take advantage of the numbers to find a safe place!

■ Let’s collect decorations!

If you open the decoration box, you can get decorations for the island!

Feel free to decorate the island and make it more beautiful!

■ Let’s solve the puzzle of the island!

After progressing in the main task, you will find the remaining records in the laboratory.

The secrets of the island can be slowly revealed. There are various reasons for the presence of the mysterious creature known as the Yeti on the island.

< App Permission >

Forestopia requires the following permissions.

[Required Permissions]

Photo/Media/File Access: Used to store the necessary game files on the device.

Once the permissions are approved, you can change them as follows

< How to change permissions >

[Android OS version 6.0 and higher]

How to change by application (wording varies by device):

“Settings” > “Applications” > “Forstopia” > “Permissions” >

Select the relevant permissions in the app info > select the permission level

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