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Players of GTA Online were advised by Rockstar Games to keep their eyes peeled on the skies during the game’s Halloween event in case they spotted a UFO. In addition to other eerie activities, GTA Online players can participate in UFO activity.

Rockstar Games has tweeted this year that players would have the opportunity to discover and capture some extraterrestrial visitors. Players will have the chance to look for the craft and take pictures as stories of UFO sightings spread over Los Santos. Gamers who submit images proving UFO sightings will receive rewards during a special Grand Theft Auto Online Halloween event. This year, detecting UFOs may result in thrilling in-game rewards after Grand Theft Auto Online saw an alien invasion on Halloween in 2021.

Alien spacecraft have made noteworthy cameos in both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5, continuing a trend of UFOs in Rockstar Games games. Grand Theft Auto Online sees an increase in alien activity throughout the scary season as fresh otherworldly occurrences are added every year.

A brand-new Fort Zancudo Business Battle was added to GTA Online for Halloween 2020, where users battled state officials and stole technology from a UFO disaster site. After an all-out conflict with supernatural powers that began on Halloween 2021, aliens returned to Los Santos with a vengeance, and now a new GTA Online UFO mission is ushering in the scary season once more.

Along with the UFO activity, several other Halloween-themed events will be going on in GTA Online during the same time. All around southern San Andreas, there are now dozens of jack-o-lanterns to be seen. Players will be awarded a daily GTA$50K bonus and, more crucially, the Horror Pumpkin mask if they can find 10 of these pumpkins.

Additionally, players will have the chance to dress up as one of the teams from the brand-new Judgment Day Adversary Mode, in which a team of riders and a team of hunted compete in a game of hide-and-seek. The first mask is obtained simply by logging in during the session, while the rest are accessible by completing particular tasks.

Even though Grand Theft Auto Online has been around for almost ten years, Rockstar Games still supports it with regular updates and seasonal activities. The reintroduction of weird planes above Los Santos will undoubtedly draw many supporters back for such unearthly photography because aliens have played a significant role in the game’s past.

This kind of seasonal event funding is not only beneficial for fans, but it also shows that the game is still alive and well. GTA Online has been enjoyed, dissected, and occasionally broken by devoted players for almost a decade, and it’s still very well-liked.

It has been customary for many players to enjoy the frightening Halloween-relevant content of their personal favorite, whether it be World of Warcraft or Apex Legends. Rockstar Games’ creators joined in the party beginning in 2015 when they shocked players with new cars and a slayer mode in GTA Online.

It’s difficult to think of a rival that could surpass GTA Online since Rockstar Games struck gold with it. But here’s hoping that Grand Theft Auto 6 will carry on the legacy of fantastic holiday peaks and top-notch open-world gameplay.

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