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Fluffy Run: Life is a race, but it can be fluffy too! The game features an endless track and is a simple racing title that follows a music-based gameplay. You can also collect feedback to refuel your car.

ramp trip

Fluffy Racing is a game where the player’s goal is to drive a fluffy car through an endless beautiful art track.

The goal of the game is to collect as many notes as possible to continue the race. If the car runs out of fuel, the music stops, and the world goes dark.

Relax and enjoy

The car is so cute that you will love to travel to a simple environment and enjoy the song.

Let the music play and have fun as you travel across the country. It will help you relax and enjoy this quiet moment.


Fluffy Fluff Fur Car is the main character. Enjoy driving in this simple world, where Fluffy is king!

How to be the most active

The background music will keep you entertained, so get the notes to power you up and keep playing the relaxing song. However, be careful while driving through the obstacles.

Try to drive as far as possible and collect as many coins as possible, so you can get a better fluffy fur car.

Why should you play FLUFFY RUN?

You want to set a new world record by driving the longest distance. To achieve this goal, collect coins to upgrade your car and have a variety of colors and combinations.

Relax and enjoy the gentle run.

Infinity Games has created a relaxing and minimal racing title that will keep you entertained. We are working on adding more features to this game in the future.

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